an unaccompanied child without shoes.

With the arrival of the train at the Hbf. Munster expects a Federal police, the child patrol on the platform, on the basis of the non-existent shoes and completely soaked, and holed socks, visibly cold.

The officers arrested the 9-Year-old in protective custody and took the shivering boy to the guard of the Federal police, where there was next to by the officials with a hot cocoa to warm up.

The Federal police quickly found out that the little man was from a children’s home in Herne gotten out, since he forbade himself with a consistently occupied the TV absolutely does not agree able to explain.

Short-Hand decided the 9-year-old Boy then put on socks for his “protest walk” to the train station, Wanne-Eickel, and more than 70 kilometres away in Münster, not realizing that this idea would be pretty wet and cold.

the station mission in Münster, organised by the Federal police still warm knitted socks, and sturdy shoes that I liked in the 9-Year-old visually and with which he was probably picked up to be warmed by an educator of the home institution, at last, from the guard of the Federal police of Münster.

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