passengers of the Deutsche Bahn have to fear in the coming years, no strikes of the staff. According to the agreement reached with the railway and transport Union (ECG) has become the company with the train drivers of the GDL agreed. Both sides agreed on Friday in Frankfurt/Main on a long-term collective bargaining agreement until the end of February, 2021, as both sides said.

The approximately 36 000 employees of the crew in two collective levels of 6.1 percent more money, as well as a one-off payment of 1000 Euro. Instead of the second tariff increase in July 2020, you can also choose additional holidays or a shorter working week. With the GDL in addition, agreements on annual working time and the break rules.

negotiations in December

failed In the negotiations with the German train drivers Union (GDL) went there last also to the use of digital equipment. “We refuse that our people should be available around the clock”, had the GDL-boss Claus Weselsky declared prior to the start of the talks. The GDL had declared in December the tariff negotiations initially failed, but at last announced that it had received from the Railways with an improved offer.

With the competing ECG had agreed in December to a conclusion. The runtime with the two unions is now 29 months until the end of February 2021. As long as the passengers of the train are protected from strikes.

Of the approximately 160 000 employees of the railway include about 36 000 to the drivers, the interests of two unions represented. The railway wants to achieve in separate negotiations, contradiction-free statements, but may differ in Details. In practice, then, the arrangements for the entire crew unit will be applied. Negotiating the toe GDL-members successes come so for the benefit of, and Vice versa.

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