Since the market launch last summer, the Germany-plans changed nothing, – said the speaker. We are satisfied with the progress of the business. If and when Borgward can start with the planned construction of a production facility in Bremen, however, is still unclear.

Also, the “Brand centre” at its headquarters in Stuttgart, where the revived brand their cars want to present, was contrary to the original plans, still not opened. In addition, it has competed with Xiuzhan Zhu in November, a new head office.

plant in Bremen, as before, will not fix the

To the end of the year, since April of 2017 existing reservation for 140,000 square meters large area is running freight transport centre of Bremen, so that other interested parties could come back. From the point of view of Borgward nothing to change that. “We are with Bremen in the exchange,” it said. A spokesman for the Bremen economy, the Senator said it was clear that reservations could not last forever. But: “The door for Borgward remains open.”


Borgward takes over was one of the most famous car manufacturers in Germany, was but the beginning of the 1960s broke. Christian Borgward, grandson of the company founder, revived the brand. They belonged to the last manufacturer, Foton of China, where the cars previously produced. Since last summer, you are also buying in Germany – only Online sales without a car of their own homes or workshops. Meanwhile, there was a change in ownership of Borgward, such as the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” reported that The Chinese company, Ucar has taken over the Foton offered participation. “The new majority shareholder, Ucar operates an Internet platform, on which cars are sold. The Chinese company also operates a travel service in accordance with the pattern of the US company Uber,” the newspaper said.

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The Service for the sold in Germany, borgward, the nationwide-held a workshop chain ATU. The cooperation has started well, it was from there. “So far, there were only a few service cases, which, however, could be for the customer in a professional manner and in accordance with the agreement”, reported the ATO spokesman. The cooperation should grow gradually.

Approximately 110,000 cars sold Borgward according to information so far, a total of 20 countries. Details of the sales in Germany does not want to make the company to Start the only available limited edition Version of the town all-terrain vehicle BX7 is now sold out but a low three-digit number. Now the standard model of the BX7. At the beginning of next year, the smaller variant of the BX5 will follow in the second half of the year, an electrically-powered SUV. The first model, the BX7 (see the Video Test), is a large SUV with all-wheel drive, the achieved apart from a bit of impressive gasoline, the engine and some lack of assistance systems, with Korean, Japanese or German brands comparable Standard. The aim of the Chinese is to compensate for the lack of projection when the engine is in the future, through the use of electric drives.

electric SUV from 2019

For the factory in Bremen the Borgward would need the approval from China, which is not available yet. Owner Foton wants to separate from two-thirds of the company and is looking for an Investor, such as the Borgward spokesman confirmed. In 2017, the company had announced to start the construction of the Assembly plant until the beginning of 2018, the scheduled production start in 2019. At the market launch in the summer, no specific date was mentioned.

the “Brand Center” was not yet opened, was unexpectedly extensive construction work. “This has cost us time,” said the spokesman. Now it’s supposed to be in the first half of 2019 so far.

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