The police wrote on Twitter: “At the airport Hanover it came against at 15:40 to a security incident. A man had broken with a Car, a gate and drove onto the apron. Officials of the Federal police were able to stop the Car, and the man to overpower.”

The motorist, arriving on Saturday afternoon with a car on the run-up to the Hanover airport, according to authorities information on drugs. A spokesman for the Federal police said early Saturday evening. The drug test was positive for amphetamines and cocaine.

The man was in mid-20. More details of the speaker could not make it, because the drivers had no ID. Also on the nationality of the husband, the Federal police so it could not provide information. The car had a Polish registration plate. It was not, however, exclude the possibility that the man was not a Pole. There is so far no evidence of a terrorist Background.

A Terminal is locked

The flight operation was taken shortly after 20 o’clock.

The Hannover-Langenhagen airport is a major international hub. He offers both domestic as well as international flight connections. The Hanover-based airline Tuifly flies from here a lot of goals. Three closely spaced Terminals – A, B and C – there are. In the past year, the airport had 5,87 million passengers in the previous year, there were 5.4 million. The airport site covers 1000 hectares.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit London, concerned about the increase in the number of boat refugees on the English channel jr/dpa


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