“What is happening in the Church to abuse, is nothing else than what is happening in the society at all.” Sexual abuse is anything other than a specifically Catholic phenomenon. The real scandal is not that the representatives of the Church are distinguished in this point from the society as a whole.

“Not less in touch with reality is to forget or not to forget to mention, that 80 percent of the abuse cases in the Church environment, young men were children,” criticized brand müller. It was proved, moreover, “statistically”, that there is a connection between abuse and homosexuality.

the study has a thousand-fold abuse

A last year study found that in Germany between 1946 and 2014, a total of 1670 Catholic cleric 3677 mostly male minors sexually are abused. occupied In addition, entrusted with the study, scientists problematic structures in the Catholic Church were appointed, the abuse could still carry about the controversial obligation of the priests to celibacy (celibacy) and the pronounced clerical Power of the individual Priest. The Chairman of the Catholic German bishops ‘ conference, Reinhard Marx, had called forth pointed out that celibacy and homosexuality, “by itself” does not constitute an abuse.

In the PCP “Who’s the New guy?” Bishop Dr. Michael Gerber (48) in the Dom before the pto/dpa


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