brands such as Hyundai, Ford and Audi were the first car manufacturer, the discovered CES in the once-sinful Las Vegas as an innovation trade fair. Other manufacturers jumped on the Trend, bought in million dollar Keynotes and tried to sell the Consumer Electronic Show as a car exhibition in the future. However, the organizer of the CES jumped on the not to investigate as wet as shirt-sleeved car trend. The car manufacturers were exceptions, in a side hall Association, in the neighboring LED-light chains, and mobile phone cases hardly could suspect that global corporations wanted to give a strong signal of their high-tech ambitions.

CES digital fair is for 4500 companies

As gorgeous and cost-intensive, the trade fair appearances of the major car corporations on the mighty power view in Shanghai, Frankfurt or Geneva, so pale, the performances mostly in the city of Las Vegas. The fair has grown in the past few years, powerful. This year have logged 4500 companies that play on the 180,000 trade visitors from 150 countries, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as the numerous Giganto-hotel complex with colorful program and more than 250 conferences. Why else such a powerful car companies in Las Vegas only in the third row, and with small program and in addition to the halls for an answer? CES Ford booth

the notes Who is speaking with those in charge of the fair itself or the companies of Sony, Nvidia, Huawei, LG, Panasonic and Verizon, fast, evasive replied. You don’t want to alienate the financial strong auto industry; to be whispered, however, that these should confine themselves to their own trade fairs and Events and in Las Vegas, hardly plays a large role. This is limited only the truth, because even if the auto companies deserve unchanged with the sale and Service of vehicles, their money and the returns are perceived as the mobility of companies, in most cases cozy the future, the melodies, the auto industry in just grows by the automated Driving in the IT technology. Without wireless networks such as Wifi or 5G, high-tech cameras and various Sensors in a car in the near future is no longer conceivable. And nowhere you could present these technologies better than at the CES in Las Vegas.

FOCUS Online/Wochit No Science Fiction: the car is driving through thought transmission suppliers show their concepts

Mercedes shows the future of urban mobility, while Audi, Ford, Hyundai, BMW and Toyota To the visitors also to the Autonomous the day after tomorrow, or new operating concepts to sniff. More important than a normal car to measure the Topzulieferer are in Las Vegas. ZF, Valeo, Faurecia, Bosch, or Continental, with their technologies of the future, only highly-automated Driving in the coming years, while Mobileye, Nvidia or Qualcomm provide the base technology, the step-by-step to enter into the car. CES CES 2018

the question Remains, whether the auto companies in the coming years continue to be at the CES in Las Vegas or the lesser Mobile World Congress, or on the becoming less and less important in the increasingly auto-measure back. Can’t allow it. But who wants to be perceived in Las Vegas both on and off the auto industry as a serious global company with a high-tech ambitions, the need to present continuously to the boat and real news. Therefore, it was in the past years, more and more, and also at the first fair of the year 2019, the real CES don’t seem to get the highlights of the car manufacturers.


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