been but still is “not a prison visit” by the German Embassy, but merely a call. The Embassy in Caracas with the Venezuelan authorities in contact, “very high level”. Billy Six sits, according to reporters without borders (RWB) since the 17th century. February in a military prison in Caracas in custody, since the beginning of December, it is the consular of the Embassy

The 32-Year-old care had been taken when entering the country from Colombia by Venezuelan counterintelligence units; espionage, Rebellion and the violation of security accused of zones, said ROG, citing the non-governmental organization Espacio Público.

“no indictment”

His parents reject the accusations. Yet there is also “no procedure and no charge,” said the father, Edward, Six on Wednesday, the “young freedom”. Six writes, according to ROG for several years for the “Young freedom”, for which he also reported on the economic crisis in Venezuela and the mass Exodus to Colombia.

the father of The detained journalists accused the Embassy, not enough for his son. This will write “meanwhile, each week a note verbale to the Venezuelan authorities, in order to obtain at least a permission to visit,” he said of the “young freedom”. It was but for him only “copy and paste” – “a request for release from arbitrary detention, the Embassy rejects”.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Terror, epidemics, natural disasters: the most dangerous countries in the world are sleigh/AFP


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