The buds-boy is back On 2. January (20.15), the RTL-cult-dome show in the ninth round. This Time, the professional basketball player and entrepreneur Andrej Mangold (31) tries his luck. The 1,90-man hopes to find in Mexico a total of 20 candidates, the great love.

TV-experience the new Bachelor has at least: he was in the Vox TV show “die höhle der Löwen”. Together with Til Schweiger’s nephew, Marcel Graf, and a number of other colleagues, Andrei presented a sugar-free chewing gum with trendy flavors like elderflower-mint or lemon-Basil in organic quality. But the Deal for “The bubble gum” about 250,000 euros to burst later. Investor Ralf Dümmel went with the three young entrepreneurs, however, a sales cooperation. VOX Til Schweiger’s nephew, Marcel Graf (l.), Bachelor Andrei (right) and her colleague want to gum revolutionize

What he puts in women’s special value, and whether or not he wants to break the kissing record of his predecessor, Daniel Völz (34), he reveals in an Interview with the news Agency spot on news.

On what type of woman you are?

Andrej Mangold: My Ex-Girlfriends were mostly a brunette. Visually, at first glance, speaks to me. I am pleased but now, women also away from the first optical impression. Home is not usually the opportunity for the women to get acquainted, which is not noticed at first glance may not be. I’m curious to see how this develops in Mexico.

Nevertheless, you need to screening for 20 women first. Where do your eyes first?

Andrej Mangold: In any case, in the face. For me, this is the most Important thing: a beautiful appearance, a beautiful Smile and great eyes. Then I look also, of course, on your figure. Perhaps, what she wears, how she is styling and how she is.

And what can you do turn-ons for women?

Andrej Mangold: I find it difficult if a woman is bitchy. If she is dishonest, lying, not go at all. Jealousy is a topic that I find not so good.

How many times have you been in love in your life already and how long your longest relationship was?

Andrej Mangold: I would say four times. My last two relationships each held a little longer than four years.

The Bachelor’s dreams of marriage and family

do you Believe that it is for each man a great love?

Andrej Mangold: I firmly believe! I felt during the time with my two Ex-Girlfriends. At the end, of course not, because we had noticed that we are somehow apart. But I believe in the great love, and then I search also.

are you Dreaming of a wedding and a family of her own?

Andrej Mangold: Absolutely, that’s my goal. I would like to find a partner, I build something, a family, and I can marry.

do you really Believe that you will find this partner in the TV? In the case of its predecessors, it has not worked out so far…

Andrej Mangold: If I would not believe in it, I would not participate at all. I’ll give the whole thing a Chance. I am of course aware that one learns under the most extreme conditions. And I also realize that it is home to a “normal” world. You just have to look at the extent to which this can develop and how to get to the dream world it creates, together off.

How your environment reacted to the fact that they are the new “Bachelor”?

Andrej Mangold: There is, of course, broke the first a bomb. The phone does not stand still. But from the people who mean something to me, I have only received positive Feedback. Of course, there were also one or two that have said: you don’t have but not necessary. But, if you have been thinking about it, then the result also make sense for you. I’m glad I got positive Feedback.

Daniel Völz went recently as a “Bachelor” with the most Kissing in the story. Can you compete with that?

Andrej Mangold: That’s not my goal. But it would be presumptuous to say, you learn to meet women and it is not kissed. I have no idea what is going to happen. But I think a kiss at some point, the logical consequence, if one learns to know, appreciate, and also noted that as it is two people building something in between. At the latest, then you have to kiss, to memorize, to work in harmony, it is also on this level.

Would you go a step further, what about Sex?

Andrej Mangold: If the cameras are, I’ll probably do the devil and there’s more to go.

All of the consequences of the current “Bachelor”season, you can also stream at Magine TV. Register here.

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