The successful Start-up was informed by the Chinese space Agency CNSA on your website. On a to earth the sent recording, the vehicle is seen with folded Solar cells. Previously, it was driven by a ramp and left with his tires making the first tracks in the loose lunar soil.

China had written hours earlier with the landing of the “Chang’e 4” space travel history. It was the first Time that a probe put on the earth-facing side of the moon. The unmanned probe landed on Aitken crater near the South pole of the moon. In the Chinese state television, the speech was a historic landing and a major technological breakthrough.

The first soft landing on the moon succeeded the Soviet probe “Luna 9” in 1966. In 1959, was shattered “Luna 2” to the moon. In 1969, an American walked on the Astronaut for the first time, the surface of the moon.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit This is the first image of the “dark side of the moon” pto/dpa


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