no one was Hurt.

The first emergency call was received at the monitoring station lake Constance-upper Swabia, was discovered a fire in the kitchen of the Inn. As the first fire truck arrived a few minutes later, to the stake, had contained the host of the fire in the kitchen with a hand fire extinguisher. The forces initially supported this deletion, found immediately that the fire spread to the floors above and the roof. She then began a comprehensive fire and called for extensive reinforcement, prompting a large to be called out array of forces from Oberteuringen, Friedrichshafen, Markdorf.

Under the direction of the upper teur Inger commander Alexander Amann, a total of around 100 emergency responders from volunteer fire brigades, Red cross, Johanniter accident assistance and the police. With two turntable ladders, and numerous fire fighting breathing protection, managed to bring the fire under control.

The use of measures still continue. The police has started the investigation for the cause of the fire. Due to the large use of it comes to disabilities on state highway 33, which runs directly on the fire object.

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