Opera promises to be different “Through Darkness: a Comeback against the light”. The multimedia music theatre for all the senses is on Saturday, 9. March 2019, to experience in the festival hall.

A piece about the Opera and the life, based on a true story: At the height of his career, the self-centered American Opera star Adrian Black learns that he will go blind within a year. In the perfection-orientated Opera world is no more space for him. However, in the crisis he discovered his gift, to touch people, and begins the fight for his Comeback. On a trip to the culture of Europe, the memories create to sites for the time in the Dark, Matures a Plan…

The multi-media Show follows the biographical experiences of the blind leading actor Douglas Yates (among others, won the Metropolitan Opera Council Award) and offers a completely new kind of musical experience from Opera to Spirituals. A connection of wonderful music with a great story about the search for what really matters in life. The emotional climax of the Opera, the direct effect of the spectacle, fascinating sounds and the visual power of cinema merge into a genuine musical theatre. With “Comeback against the light” begins a new Genre: theatre for all the senses.

At a glance: The Crossover-production, “Through Darkness: a Comeback against the light” is on Saturday, 9. March 2019, to experience in the Pirmasens festival hall. The multi-media Opera event will begin at 20 o’clock. Tickets (includes cloakroom fee) at a price of between 15 to 25 Euro, reduced price between 7.50 and 12.50 Euro, there is in advance at the cultural office in the town hall on the parade ground, phone: 06331/842352, E-Mail: kartenverkauf@pirmasens.de or at the evening box office, which opens one hour prior to the start of the event.

BU: Douglas Yates embodied in the Multimedia Show “Through Darkness” the self-centered Opera star Adrian Black. (Photo: Fabian Dobler)

about The Person: Fabian Dobler (Text, music, and rehearsal) and Ensemble of free classical music from the Museum. For 25 years, Dobler Opera conductor as well as Pianist, arranger and author. Productions under his direction have been awarded in the last few years, including with the theatre prices Pegasus (2012), Rolf-Mares-prize (2013), as well as a nomination for the Monika-Bleibtreu-price (2016). His adaptations of great works to streamline and dramatize the originals and sound to move in new worlds. The musical arrangement is for the Interpretation.

Stephan Boehme (Video and sound effects) is one of the most sought-after Video Directors in the area of Classical music. He regularly works for Sony Classical, Deutsche Grammophon and Decca. His YouTube channel is like a Who’s Who of current classical music Stars. After studying music and several years as a professional orchestral musician, he studied Film at the film Academy Baden-Württemberg. After that, he worked on theater productions, Arri, Bavaria, ARD, for private TV stations and Independent Studios. Today, Stephan Boehme specializes in films about music. He creates worlds of images that fit seamlessly into the music and its meaning and effect is still further increased.

The company:

Musical arrangement and conductor: Fabian Dobler

Director: Oliver stone

Video, sound, Live Sound: Stephan Boehme

lighting design: Rolf Spahn

costumes: Charlotte Labenz

singing: Douglas Yates, Britta Davidsen and others

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winner of the anniversary prize of 2017

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