Williams remains also with the new main sponsor, mobile phone manufacturer ROKit, typically British. By the way, the Deputy team boss Claire Williams convinced the Director of the UK company, Jonathan Kendrick of a commitment in itself. “At our first Meeting, there was a bottle of HP Sauce, which was signed by our two drivers – and thus the Deal was as good as signed and sealed,” smiles Williams.

What was the deal with the UK’s best-known condiment, is often served with meat dishes,? “Jonathan loves HP Sauce”, refers to Claire Williams at the close of the Wolverhampton-born chief of the ROK group of companies, was the end of the 1970s, as a tire engineer even part of the Williams racing team. “Prior to his flight he said: I think I can tolerate a bacon Sandwich with plenty of HP Sauce.”

If the Sauce bottle has really made the difference is debatable – the fact is, however, that the group was also ensnared by other teams. “Three, four Teams came to us, as they had got Wind of the fact that we are on the market,” says Kendrick. “The reason why we have opted for Williams? Because it is a British Team, because I’m British and my company is British. And the other reason – to say it quite bluntly – is this Lady here”, he refers to Claire Williams.

“Claire and I have a great Meeting – your Vision, your passion, your Motivation and your strategy have addressed me. After 45 minutes we agreed.” But what of the now 76-year-old team founder and team principal Frank Williams says the new paint scheme that differs from the classical dark-blue-and-white color dress?

“He is fully behind it,” says Claire Williams. “I’m still here – and he wouldn’t have liked it, he would have fired me.” The 42-year-old Briton had not been yet sure whether your father would like the new light blue-white livery. “I was a bit nervous, as I have in the shown,” she says. “Frank is very traditional and always defends the classic colors, but he understands why we change it.”

This is not surprising, because the new main sponsor will flush the embroiled in a difficult situation a team with tradition, as the successor of the drinks manufacturer Martini for some years supported and, therefore, much needed money in the empty team. Whether it will be enough, the Red lantern, it will show.

This article was written by Sven Haidinger

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