In the night of November 30. as of December 31. December made a wedding within two police, well-known family clans for a large-scale operation of the police. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Langenfeld two hundreds controlled to 2:30 p.m. more than 600 wedding guests and 200 vehicles. Two arrest wanted men were arrested and 11,000 euros in cash seized, one of the guests. In addition, the police let an illegally tuned luxury car towed and made sure a set of brass knuckles, a baton, two prohibited knives and two sharp cartridges.

“We are surprised by the findings,” says a spokesman for the police authority of Mettmann on request by FOCUS Online. “It was in cooperation talks with the organizers, the guests knew about the controls to know. It’s no wonder that the gentlemen have found something anyway.“

Now fears that the Clans are expanding from strongholds such as Essen or Duisburg in the province to grow. Frank Hoever, the Director of the North Rhine-Westphalia land criminal police office, acknowledged at a meeting of the trade Union of the police, a similar trend: “There is hardly a city in the Ruhr area, which is not affected”, quoted him as saying recently to the world.

evidence for the Expansion of the Clans in the province of

Concrete evidence for increased Clan activity there is in Langenfeld and surroundings. At the local district court, a so-called is, therefore, since April of last year, “local Prosecutor” actively, specifically deals with Rocker and clan crime. As the coordinator of the justice, police and administration, the information run together with him. In this way, multiple offender and criminal contexts should be recorded better and more effectively pursued.

in addition, the district of the district court is – in addition to Langenfeld also the cities of Hilden and Monheim are – according to district administrator Thomas Hendele (CDU) is statistically striking, where there is more crime than in other cities of the district of Mettmann.

The senior düsseldorf state Prosecutor, Frank Schnabel, observed that Clans are outside of the strongholds present. The district of Langenfeld have no Clan or rock is a problem, such as Duisburg, Essen or Berlin-Neukölln, he said last spring of the “Rheinische Post”. But: “The gangs that are committing their crimes in large cities, have places of retreat. There, you want to be left in peace. We also want to have out there, where you feel safe and at home, keeping an eye on you,“ says Beak. Here, the policy-Newsletter

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The evaluation of the LKA-chief Hoever, however, is not shared everywhere in North Rhine-Westphalia. Even his own authority contradicts him. A spokesperson for the LCA said in an interview with FOCUS Online, that currently an internal survey of the course, whether, and if so, where Clans in the rural area are active. This was not, however, yet to be completed. “I can say, however, that we can find at the Moment, no Expansion of the Clans.” A spokesman of the düsseldorf public Prosecutor’s office shall, on request by FOCUS Online that there is no evidence that a large Expansion of the Clans in the province, there is no statistics.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Clans territory from Clans Expansion of Organised crime Langenfeld public Prosecutor’s office broad in the Ruhr


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