A 50-year-old drivers in the new year’s eve night in Bottrop in the Ruhr area, perhaps out of xenophobic motives in a group of people. At least five people were injured.

“The investigating authorities are currently targeted attack”, with shared public Prosecutor’s office and police on Tuesday. “Already at the time of his arrest, the driver said with xenophobic remarks.” First, the “image”newspaper had reported about the incident.

NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) said in a first statement, the driver would have had the “clear intent”, “kill the foreigners”. The had become in the first interrogations of the arrested. The case had to be taken “very seriously”, added Reul in Bottrop. It will be determined with high pressure. dpa NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) at Berliner Platz in Bottrop

A Problem to solve, wanted to reports

How the “mirror”, said the man, in his interrogation with the police, many foreigners are a Problem for Germany, which he wanted to solve. According to the magazine, the man was not noticed by the authorities so far as an Extremist is also evidence that belonging to a network there. The fact should not be long, but spontaneous is planned.

The man should be according to the “mirror” for many years, to be unemployed and Hartz IV. In the interrogation, he had referred to the fact that he had to take because of a mental illness medications. To the investigators he had acted, however, “well-oriented”, reported the “mirror”. According to the Minister of the interior, Reul, the man of German state citizens.

a child is injured, a woman was in danger of life

Among the injured are Syrians and Afghans. A 46-year-old woman have temporarily floated in danger of their lives, said Reul. Also a child had been violated.

Two more Attempts of the man in Bottrop and the neighboring city of Essen, passers-by to approach have failed. Here, the people were terror. “It resembled a man-hunt,” citing the “image” of a police officer.

Already at the time of arrest, he started expressed xenophobic

The food-born man had only minutes after the turn of the year with his attack. On an access road to the Bottrop city center, the 50-Year-old have to keep up with his car first, on a individual passers-by, and reported to the authorities. However, the pedestrian was able to save himself.

Then it came to the serious incident at the Central Berlin square. The motorist was in a group of people drove just celebrated the new year with firecrackers and rockets. At least four people were injured, some seriously. The injured included Syrians and Afghans, the investigators are informed.

The man fled, according to the then in his home city of Essen. There, he tried two more times to drive targeted people. In one of these Attempts, another Person had been slightly injured. The police arrested the man a little later. Already he had raised himself to xenophobia, the authorities declared. Marcel Kusch/Reuters police tape blocks the Berliner Platz. A motorist was controlled here in the new year’s eve night, his car deliberately into a group of Pedestrians and at least four people injured, some seriously.

said the backgrounds and the exact process of fact, many questions are still open: So to be clear, why the assassination attempt in Essen was a failure, a police spokeswoman. “Maybe people are running away, maybe that didn’t work out for other reasons. To clarify All of this, it is now our task.“ It now witnesses needed to be interviewed.

The FOCUS of Online/non-stop news mass brawl involving 50 Participants: use hundred in a Cologne high-rise estate pk/flr/dpa/AFP


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