The perpetrators were flying, than in the summer of 2017, always, large quantities of cocaine in supermarkets appeared, hidden in banana boxes. The investigations were conducted under the name “Paraguay”, revealed that the gang of ripening plants in Banana in the whole Federal territory, broke in to steal cocaine.

Among the predominantly Albanian-born defendants also three persons that are attributable to the middle-level leadership of the gang are in the opinion of the investigator. The court documents were able to view the NDR, BR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. The investigators from customs and police assume that the “Paraguay-network” is called the group of perpetrators in spite of the festival in South America and Europe is active.

The investigation revealed that the came from Ecuador strain at the end of cocaine by sea to Hamburg. The drugs were hidden in banana shipments.

A ton of cocaine

seized nationwide by the investigators of the LKA Bavaria registered in the preliminary period of eight break-ins in Mature halls in Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and in the Saarland. Surveillance videos show that the perpetrators acted some of them are armed. By means of radio cell queries and telephone monitoring were the investigators on the offender network, ultimately, on the track.

One of the leader of the group was, therefore, the 21-year-old Dario L., acted as a “logistician” and a special apartment in Hamburg have rented. There, police later found during a search of, among other things, delivery certificates to banana deliveries. Overall, could be ensured in the framework of the process around a ton of cocaine.

Four people already

The 40-year-old Alberto K. condemns the group shall have directed, as the “head burglar” is said to have supervised the 25-year-old Klajdi D. the break-ins. In part, the perpetrators were flown in for the break-ins, especially from Albania. In April 2018, police officers and customs officials, who then slammed in the entire Federal territory and arrested several people.

they searched apartments in Ahrensburg, Hamburg and Hannover and made sure, among other things, two sharp Revolver, and around 30,000 euros in cash. Four people have been sentenced in a separate proceeding before the regional court of Hamburg for complicity in the narcotics to be met in non-small quantities more years in prison. The judgment is not yet final.

the men behind the values is probably still on the loose

investigators from customs and the police in the investigation, in the meantime, more than 500 police officers, customs investigators and prosecutors were involved as a success. In particular, it was not unusual that the arrested belonged apparently only to the lowest level of the hierarchy of the group. The investigators assume that the specific method of Delivery is at least smashed to Germany.

However, the LKA in Munich believed that the have not been taken by the men behind the gang to be in Albania, the Netherlands, and active in South America, so far. According to information from NDR, BR, and SZ in the past few months in other European countries and, increasingly, cocaine finds have been made, who also came from Ecuador, and in banana supplies were hidden.

The responsible chief investigator of the LKA in Munich, Jörg Beyser said that the investigation went on. “We have to try to uncover the men behind the gang, and will focus in particular on intensive international cooperation”. On the opening of the main hearing, the courts to decide now.

Long process expected

lawyer Hubertus Werner acts as a defender in the upcoming procedure. He said it would show only in the process of how robust the evidence is. In particular, the evaluation of the radio cells and the closed membership of an individual accused of a crime group criticized Werner. He spoke of an “occasion-contact Monitoring”, which was, in his view, is legally difficult and do not agree with the code of criminal procedure.

The lawyer expects a lengthy process: “I assume, that already alone due to the large number of accused and the number of lawyers it is very complicated, the facts of the case to fully investigate,” he said.

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