The author of the mysterious book called Anonymus. His true name he wants to call in any case. Too dangerous, they say. Only so much: It was a well-known American writer who also used to be a Journalist. Aha. Sounds good, but says nothing. You could, however, be a German publishing company, speak with the man. On The Phone. Anonymous would, however, let his voice electronically distort. Hmm … so what we don’t like so much. Finally, the conservative author agrees to waive the distortion. Against the assurance, to delete the recording of the interview according to the transcript immediately. Phew! That sounds like hot fuel. Has unpacked an Insider of the Mafia? A IS reveals-drop-out the addresses of his fanatical brothers in faith? Be Helmut Kohl called the secret donor?

“I have to protect my source.”

no. Anonymous author has only written a novel. Not bad. This is straight to the point. But a little one wonders, however, about all the precautions, all the secrecy. For a Thriller? Where is the Problem? “I have to protect my source,” says the author on the phone. “You could connect me to my source.”


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