Already the end of January was constituted of the defence Committee of the Bundestag as a Committee of inquiry to examine the irregularities in the awarding of consultant contracts in the Ministry of defence.

The specific allegation: The use of consultants has tasted of the Leyen, a three – digit million amount the million dollar contracts have been awarded by bypassing the public procurement law. Also, the accusation of nepotism is in the room.

Manager should have billed hours to double –

a Few days prior to the first regular session of the Bundestag Committee of inquiry new allegations against the consulting company Accenture. The “Bild am Sonntag” reported, that would justify the company for IT strategy consulting in addition to allegations of nepotism also because of possible fraud.

According to “BamS”-information, a Manager is supposed to have settled in 2017 consultation hours for IT projects twice. This was not initially noticed, because different authorities had been involved in the framework contracts. Accenture is conceded by the false invoices to at least 25,000 Euro to much.

A spokesman for the defense Ministry confirmed the “BamS”: “During an internal examination abnormalities are noticed in the case of the settlement of projects. These are currently being examined in terms of content and scope. In the case of confirmation, we will act decisively.”

Accenture did not want to take on request by the newspaper to comment on the allegations. The investigation Committee will give the external consultants the opportunity to explain what specific activities they were investigated.

How is it by the Leyens political future?

such As the “daily mirror” reported, includes the witness list, the newspaper, a total of 15 people. In addition to the Accenture consultants Timo Noetzel, the defence Minister must answer.

The defense policy spokesperson of the FDP parliamentary group, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann told the newspaper: “For consultants such as Timo Noetzel and Katrin Suder, the work in our Committee is anything other than a ride to the weekend.“

Further, she said, it must be clarified how the Ministry, through the Advisory system “into a Juggernaut,” with more and more sub-advisers have been able to transform. “At the end of may rolls heads,” said Strack-Zimmermann told the newspaper.

what is Clear is that For the end of the world it is these days, seriously. In General, the question of how the Expertise and skills within the Ministry, by the excessive use of external consultants. The outcome of the investigation is expected to set the stage for the of the Leyens further political future.

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