The avoidable delays would have summed up to more than six months. The 31-Year-old must answer for itself since October in a revision process for an arson attack on a planned refugee accommodation in August 2015 in Nauen (Havelland).

Schneider was convicted for the arson attack and other crimes in February 2017 to nine and a half years in prison. This judgment was suspended due to the bias of a juror last year by the Federal court of justice, and the process had to be re-rolled.

For almost three years in custody

Schneider was arrested in March 2016, and sat thus for nearly three years in pretrial detention. His lawyer, Sven Oliver Milke had made in his Detention at the end of last year, among other things, alleged that the delivery of the first judgment would have taken just under six months. As a result, the Revision had been delayed unreasonably. He also complained of a slow termination of the audit process.

Schneider is regarded as a leader of an extreme right-wing grouping in the Brandenburg town of Nauen, the attacks on political opponents and a refugee perpetrated accommodations. The group is credited with several attacks on the Left-politicians, as well as a youth club, dedicated to refugees.

In 2016, the group distributed the slips of paper, in which it called upon openly to the use of IEDs against refugees. The handout also contained a manual for the construction of Molotov Cocktails, pipe bombs and plastic explosives.


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