The ADFC is complaining about a “hysterical debate” to the individual results of the work of the government Commission on climate protection in the traffic’. ADFC chief Executive Burkhard Stork is angry: “It can’t be true, that the example of Germany, a country will succeed, its transport to a smart, clean Mix. If at the end all in E-SUV-a traffic jam that is any help! The debate around the future of mobility may not only rotate about cars and Techno-spinning mills. Today people want to be a Lobbyist of life in the cities, less Stress and noise, more movement in the fresh air, more options for their mobility,” says the bike.

13 million tonnes less CO2 due to more Cycling

“Other single measures, such as E-car quota, speed limit, higher gasoline prices, biofuels or aerodynamic trucks don’t bring individually, more than 2 million tonnes of savings potential, and are very expensive,” says Stork. For him, the key is the avoidance of “Convenience”: “Already the displacement of any third shorter drive to the wheel would bring significant effects for climate protection. Avoid alone the convenience of rides, the many German citizens, because for the Short ride to the bakery or to the S-Bahn station, there is no attractive Alternative is available”, the ADFC-chief.

the Park houses to bike-stores

For all the constructive proposals of the ADFC wants to displace, however, the car traffic on the loved one systematically from the cities. Should be granted according to the Association of city planning, the Cycling is always a priority – even Parking garages should be no more cars available, but rather bicycles.



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