Fire on Ice. In order for the evening: a Show with lots of flares, Pro-Eistänzern and, of course, with the two finalists, Sarah Lombardi, Sarina Nowak and John Kelly, who is still a bit X-legged on the ice. Anyone who is frozen or alternatively, the snowman 2019?

Lombardi is dancing with your heart

The “eternal Second”, Sarah Lombardi, may open in the final round. “New surveys” has trained them to, “dance with the heart,” gave her mom on the way. Because a muscle fiber tear, you would be eliminated shortly after the beginning of the Show, almost, now, she is in a kind of red fringe table to Let the ceiling on the body “‘s Get cracking Loud”. Also, the judges hit the same time all out: Four times 10 points for Mrs. Lombardi.

Now, what should come after that? For example, something dealing with the past with John Kelly, who has slipped on the slightly slimy track of great emotion to the finals. A “small bridge” he wants to be for “light and love”, writes John briefly before it goes into the frosty limelight.

John Kelly, the love and the light

There he is with the guitar and partner Annette only once to float around and also a large part of the work. Then he cries a little bit, “I have the happiness to receive the love and the light”, he still. As the ice melts, but almost under the runners.

today unrestrained in their praise-the bag on left-turning Jury is still grateful: Judith Williams gets a little more of a happiness expressions, “you’re a great person”, Daniel Weiss. “John, John, John,” stammers Cale Kalay, and thus “everything is said”, Kati Witt. 35 points for Kelly’s Geschnulze on Ice. Sarah Lombardi to wonder by now whether it might be the wrong way is, just to be good. FOCUS Online

The Jury maintains the Balance

Sarina Nowak dances to a Disney Hit, big princesses-movies, girls-dreams are Small. Then, it is clear that the Jury is there to let anyone in advance. Also 35 of the Jury-points for Sarina Nowak. Also, Yes, the audience at home will feel motivated to call. Each call is 50 cents, from the mobile network incalculably more.

In the second final round, John Kelly is wearing sequins and partner Annette, what you once called a very hot Disco panties. His attitude has continued to be cheerful Cramped, but the Kelly Fans will not get anyway. Not at all as he dedicated subsequently dance with the Ex-colleagues of Timur Bartels and his recently deceased father. What is the Pointer Sisters ‘ Song “I’m so excited” has to do with Timur’s great sadness, remains unclear. The Fans in doubt but probably no matter.

Sarina Nowak on the roller coaster

Nevertheless, it is of course fully admire the progress made by the celebs on the skids since episode one of the Show. Sarina Nowak dances to Helene Fischer’s “roller coaster” so casual, professional, Kati Witt said she was pleased the whole time. And for Sarah Lombardi, the dance has become on the ice, so, of course, that she even sings himself – at least the first few lines.

if it Were up to sporty-artistic point of view, would have been carved after Lombardi’s last appearance, the thing and the Cup awarded, so much the better their Performance was than the competition. For safety’s sake, crying, Sarah is still a bit of that is now part of “Dancing on Ice” more of an obligation than a pleasure.

Risky early ceremony

judge Daniel White is already promising to “eat the ugly broom in the world”, if this time, the eternal Second, not the first winner. An early tribute to the power of the presenter Couple of Marlen Lufen and Daniel Bosch man very unhappy people: my dear people out there, it decided nothing, to call, to summon you in unison.

It might be tight, stress them after the commercial break again, it will be looked back looked back and John Kelly’s wife questioned, until the last Fan is seized up the phone and 50 Cent on the phone.

Then the endless dance Show is finally, finally done and the winner is: Sarah Lombardi is frozen in 2019, and the power has triumphed over love and light and all the Kelly Fans. And judge White will have to consider not how a broom can best prepare.

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