Update of 28. October 2018: Where was Daniel Küblböck and his new Instagram profile under the name of rosa_luxem still active? The first photo he posted on 2. September, exactly a week before he is overthrown by the AIDA. But apparently, he’s planned to be longer so that on-the-go, as otherwise it would be to explain that he has subscribed to 235 other pages? Including a Instagram page, the stark changes documented, as well as celebrities, for example, Jared Leto, Sebastian Kurz, Markus Söder, Emma Watson, Michelle Obama, or Frauke Ludovic.

That Küblböck brings such a broad base of pages on the Instagram subscription, could some of the values also as evidence against a planned suicide. This speculation, however, would perhaps go too far.

the fact is, however, that Küblböck has commented as rosa_luxem also in other contributions. In addition to the Statement under the photo of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz (see below), has discovered our online editorial office in two additional contributions.

is A mystery: Küblböck reported under a contribution of RTL to word, in which the transmitter for the presenter, Daniel HART (including the jungle camp), a happy birthday. “Happy birthday afterwards,” writes Küblböck alias rosa_luxem, without that it is clear when the comment was made. Perhaps Küblböck knew each other and Hartwich.

+ © Screenshot

sure otlile Mabuse ended “Oti” Mabuse and the Ex-American idol knew each other-Star: Küblböck danced with her in 2015 in the eighth season of “Let’s Dance”. On 3. September posted Mabuse is a weird photo in Instagram in which she showed pride in their Afro-hairstyle with Hashtags like #freehairday and #natural hair.

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Including Küblböck commented as rosa_luxem twice. “Me” with a Tiger Emoji. And “Tu” with a Gorilla. What is meant Küblböck? On the #MeToo movement, he refers to probably less – perhaps he means the thing with the #freehairday?

And also with Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder Küblböck registered as a rosa_luxem. “The best dogs,” he wrote to a photo that shows Söder with an animal.

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Not only the Disappearance of Daniel Küblböck from the AIDA on the 9th of September is a mystery. But his Instagram activities of the week before.

Daniel Küblböck: comment under the picture of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz – article from the 11.10.2018

Munich – What happened on Board the AIDA really is, may remain for ever a mystery. Where facts are lacking, it is a lot of space for imagination. Daniel Küblböck (33) is since 9. September missing. The Disappearance of Daniel Küblböck as a so-called “missing treated case”, the police announced exclusively for our online editorial team.

kuruem has been discovered in a comment by Daniel Küblböck on Instagram below the photo. The singer has spoken out seemingly a few days prior to his Disappearance on the AIDA to a photo of supermodel Heidi Klum (45) and her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz (28).

Küblböck used, however, to his Instagram Account with the name “rosa_luxem”. With this Pseudonym, the 33-Year-old singer had posted some Selfies that show him made up as a woman. Including snapshots of Daniel Küblböck on Board of the AIDA.

+ Daniel Küblböck animal as a “rosa_luxem” a photo of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz. © Screenshot Instagram

“Too young,” writes Daniel Küblböck alias “rosa_luxem” under the photo of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz. Whether Küblböck with his remark on the age difference between the two alludes to? The own Boss and the musicians is 17 years. The not fit every. Klum and Kaulitz leave criticism and mouthing seemingly cold. You post the negative Vibes just Kissy and cuddly Selfies way.

The recording to find the words of Küblböck, was at the Burning Man Festival in the USA in September. The Festival in the Black Rock Desert-desert attracts birds of Paradise, and Hippies from all over the world. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz enjoy this freedom. The recording of the lovebirds thrilled with the follow shaft. However, some find that the four-times-mother is just a bit too loose.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Sep 3, 2018 10:36 PM PDT

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by the Way, Heidi Klum has the Instagram photo to the 3. September 2018 posted on your Account. Daniel Küblböck crashed at 9. September 2018 of the AIDA into the cold sea. Companions and friends doubt a suicide.

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editors ‘ note

Generally, we do not report on the suspected suicide-intentions so that such cases do not encourage potential imitators. Reporting takes place only if the circumstances are experiencing a special public attention. If you or someone you know is suffering from an existential life crisis or depression, contact the Samaritans at: 0800-1110111. Help the crisis service psychiatry for Munich and upper Bavaria offers 0180-6553000. For more information, visit the website www.krisendienst-psychiatrie.de.



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