Daniel Ricciardo was in the past season, one of the main protagonists in the driver’s poker. The Australians had to make in 2018 thoughts on the further course of his career. An offer from Ex-employer Red Bull, he refused then, and wrote, finally, to the great Surprise at Renault. Previously, he also stood with Mercedes and Ferrari in contact, however, the two top teams decided against the Australians, which frustrated him.

“Yes, to put it bluntly,” says Ricciardo on the question of whether he was disappointed by Mercedes and Ferrari. The silver arrows decided to retain Valtteri Bottas on the side of Lewis Hamilton. In the case of the Italians, they put Raikkonen on Charles Leclerc, as the successor of Kimi. Ricciardo hoped for greater opportunities for the two teams, which are, in his opinion, at least in the next twelve months, the measure of all things.

“Maybe other Teams can get a victory here or there, but I think that you will be in the short term, still be the top teams,” Ricciardo in the Podcast with Natalie Pinkham. These statements suggest that Ricciardo had hoped for more options in the top field and the Renault Team was not his first choice.

Ricciardo expected to Monaco-victory “more”

“Especially after the first six races … I had won two, Seb and Lewis. At this time, no one can be really dangerous.” Ricciardo thought, a lot more he could give. “I might have expected more – and this time, also.” Especially after his victory in Monaco, his stock was high in the course.

Ricciardo led both with Mercedes and with Ferrari talks about a possible commitment, finally, the courts of Bottas and Raikkonen shook. The 29-Year-old wanted to try out after five years at Red Bull something New. Due to his Italian roots, a change to the tradition would have been the team tempting. Young hope Leclerc is convinced the leadership is, however, more with his Clean-results.

“He is a young, emerging hopes”, can Ricciardo Ferrari’s decision. “Maybe this was, from the outset, your Plan, regardless of my and its results,” he says of the Australians. He can respect the Succession, since he could watch the Red Bull yourself, this procedure with young talent. “I think it was at the time.”

In the case of Mercedes, the Situation was different. Because Bottas was due to a mediocre season in 2018 – the only one of the six top drivers, he was able to win a victory – in the criticism. Ricciardo referred to the move to extend Bottas, as a “conservative”. However, you could be accused of a Mercedes is nothing, after all, one was with the Duo of Bottas/Hamilton in the last two years, highly successful.

This article was written by Maria Reyer

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