“is It again a phenomenal final against Michael. I have a great record against him and I’m looking forward to it,” said van Gerwen after his significant 6-1 victory against constant rival Gary Anderson from Scotland. The Dutchman is on Tuesday (21: 00/DAZN and Sport1) of his favorites.

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Van Gerwen is up against Smith is the clear favorite

“Mighty Mike” van Gerwen is the clear favourite. For five years he continuously the world ranking list, at the world Cup he had, neither with Anderson, with double world champion Adrian Lewis (4:1), or the German Max Hopp (4:1) problems. “Every week I work very hard, that’s why I’m thrilled that I will show my best performance,” said van Gerwen, who lost in the previous year, less than the later world champion Rob Cross.

“Bully Boy” Smith, who could only choose five out of 31 Games against van Gerwen, it is the first world Cup final. The Tuesday is for Smith, therefore, is an important day, even more far-reaching the coming Saturday, the 28-year-old Englishman already has an exact idea. “The Person who trusts us, to say: do you Want to take the reigning world champion Michael Smith to be your husband?”, he recently said. Smith is on 5. January marry.

co-favourites eliminated already

co-favourites such as Peter Wright, Raymond van Barneveld, Simon Whitlock and Daryl Gurney failed. The last German Starter Max Hopp lost on Saturday in the third round of the 1:4 against the world rank list first, and Ex-world champion Michael van Gerwen from the Netherlands.

the title of defender Rob Cross from England had to go on Sunday evening for his third-round game.

And what is the meaning of the German Darts?

every beginning is difficult – and sometimes quite sobering. On the stage in the Frankfurt South train station a few athletes to throw small arrows at a target. On the beer benches and 20 spectators sit. The Mood? Very modest. It is a Mini-Event, little noted. In the English television these Darts will be transferred to the European championship in 2008 and still live.

Ten years later, the European Championships in Germany in October 2018. But this time it is like a folk festival – and with a lively atmosphere. The new Location? Westphalia Hall Dortmund. Over 25 000 supporters are coming over the EM weekend, dressed as Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth, or as a crocodile. Do not drink tankards throughout the day, beer out of giant Plastic, most of the go sober, but excited to return home. From the children’s and sports Bar is something New, something Big. And the thing is not at the end – quite the contrary.

“If we play really the top, then the audience went berserk,” says Max Hopp. The 22-year-old Hesse is a German exceptional talent and has fought in the past few months, the hassle of taking the best 32 players in the world. Many Darts Fans hope that he throws Germany into the international top. And the Boom even more food. So, as it was once with the Cycling and Jan Ullrich, as with Tennis and Boris Becker. From the edge of sports “daily show”-topics. But in the Darts-world Cup of 2018 is already ahead of the quarter-finals for Hopp-circuit.

, Phil Taylor – Darts-legend

The Virtuoso of the sport is, and remains, Phil Taylor. Though the Englishman has passed after 16 world titles with 57 years of the big stage, but “The Power” still exhibition matches: about 300 per year, which provide him with continue to powerful money. In Cologne, he makes a stop. “I love Germany. The tournaments are great, the Fans are going to pull it up really big,” says Taylor. On the T-Shirt of a trailer that reads: “men play football. Warriors play Rugby. But the gods play a game of Darts.”

The enthusiasm is now to the extent that the private television celebrity Specials hangs up in Prime time, and Taylor against the former football stars Lothar Matthäus (57) and Stefan Effenberg (50) and against H. P. Baxxter (52), the front man of Scooter, of the disc. Taylor is regarded as a sports-millionaire, he has stylized a brand on The T-Shirt, the music running, the throwing technique, everything is a cult, everything has spread through Europe in the halls.

Until he gets there, Max Hopp is still a long way to go. The Hype is with a view to the past successes of the German players eh surprising. A German world champion? None, so far, a German never came only on the third round, this time missed Hopp in London in the second round. Once a tournament begins, English, Scots, and Dutch, regularly the victory contenders – and the German to see how the competition turns towards the trophies.

“I think the enthusiasm would be even greater if we were at the top. It is almost like the Tennis. Tennis has also started to be major, as Boris Becker won Wimbledon”, oracles are consulted Schindler. He hoped for a “real Boom”: like with Michael Schumacher in the formula 1, with Ullrich as the Tour-de-France-winner and the Tennis greats Becker and Steffi Graf.

Hopp is a professional

Darts as a national pastime? That sounds more than measured. But that was the target of “hundreds of thousands of spectators,” the false start some ten years ago. To measure in this period of time, which sports made in Germany, the biggest jumps to the arrow of art. The protagonists know this, you know your popularity and your Sports. You’re dreaming of a great litter.

are closely interwoven all of these dreams with a chop. The 22-Year-old from Idstein is the Ausersehene for success, which in future should bring even more money, even more warehouses and even more presence in the media. “The players are getting better and better, the around it is always professional. I do believe that the Sport can establish itself in the world,” asserts Hopp.

according to the popularity with the Fans and the hopes of the merging institutions, it will be the new Ullrich, Becker and Schumacher. Hopp, called “The Maximizer”, is a slender, athletic type, has trained as many of his colleagues, the beer belly and double-chin carry around with them and just look as professional athletes, who play for millions of dollars in.

In dealing with the Public acts Hopp, despite his young age, experienced, and friendly. As he semi-final in Dortmund against eventual Champion James Wade of England awards in the EM-three match Darts, and a bitter defeat conceded, he withdraws overwhelmed by the feelings. In the warm-up room in tears. Hopp sorted a little later and rewinds Interview to Interview. For him, the full-time professional, which belongs to the profession.

So Hopp has suspended a large part of the German professionals. For about 99 percent of a Hobby is Darts. And to a certain degree, the statement: The better you are, the more merit is you. But: The better you are, the more time-consuming your Hobby is.

Hopp and Schindler and their way to the Darts champion of the world

The next Dimension Max Hopp and co. have achieved but actually already. In may, the football arena was converted to Schalke for the Darts-party-temple. The Balance-Sheet? 20.100 viewers – a 79-year-old world record from London. Against such a backdrop, no team in football or in Basketball games, because, quite simply, the arenas are too small.

Some Darts to see more than a monotonous and boring sports. Cast three times, for the Board to run, maintain, re-cast three times. For the professionals, it is far more. Hopp and Martin Schindler operate mental training and regularly go to the sports training, to keep fit. “You now, it is not so, but if you are eight hours on your feet and always Darts throws, and always from the throw line to the dart Board, there’s quite a bit already. Because you need a healthy body,” analyzes Darts professional Martin Schindler.

The German pair of Hopp and Schindler has already raised many hopes. Even if it might need for the next level for some time. The dream of a German Coup is not fulfilled also in the case of this year’s world Cup, Hopp lost in the second round against van Gerwen clearly with 1:4. But who knows what the coming years bring?

Sport-Manager von Moltke in any case, says: “If a German is really a day of Darts champion of the world, it happens to here something really Crazy.” He knows and speaks frankly about: His thriving business is not dependent on it.


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