It was a bitter defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May. The British Parliament has rejected the driven Brexit-agreement between London and Brussels with a clear majority. With 432 202 votes of the deputies of the lower house decided against the Deal.

Hard Brexit would not only meet the British

On the 29. March wants to leave the UK out of the European Union (EU). It comes after the Prime Minister May, comes the Brexit in any case – with or without a Deal. A hard Brexit, so an exit without a Deal, however, raises again the question of how to do it with the customs duties between the UK and EU.

citizens and experts fear an inch chaos that could have not only for Britain but also for Germany and other trading partners, severe consequences. A way out could be avoided even in the case of a hard-Brexit the worst, as the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) reported.

customs control

abandon in Order to escape a larger inch chaos, would benefit the UK, the rules of the world trade organization (WTO) to your advantage. According to the parliamentarians, and Brexit-trailer Campbell Bannerman, the British in trade in goods can do without for the time being to customs controls, for up to two years after EU exit.

hooks: So that the UK would be the most important WTO to be in violation of a rule, namely the most-favoured-nation clause. The clause is to prevent individual countries receive trade benefits. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2019 remains So much net them by the gross

trade between the UK and EU should, according to the report, also in the case of a hard Brexits with duties to be assigned, because the British treatment principle otherwise violating those. Car imports from third countries, including in the case of a Brexit the UK would be currently subject to duties of ten per cent. In the case of food imports higher tariffs to fall even.

loopholes in the regulations to use

Bannerman sees, besides a waiver of customs controls, other options for the UK. In his view, it was not possible, individual articles of the WTO rules and regulations so extreme, that a hard Brexit ends in Chaos. So can be relied upon by the British to article 24, which provides a temporary exemption from the most-favoured-nation clause is possible.

However, you need to create, again, a common free trade area or a customs Union with the EU, which is exempt from the internal trade of the most-favoured-nation clause. Such an agreement would allow the other trading partner, but not for long like that.

in Addition, the basic problem will be postponed, such as trade expert Sam Lowe of the think-tank fears CE: “The Problem is that customs controls must be introduced, would be moved thereby only for a short time, but not eliminated.”

special rule use

make According to the FAZ report, the British could do but also of article 21 of the WTO rules of use. Therefore, the introduction of a special rule, such as a waiver of customs checks, possible, if the national security is threatened. So the British could give, a waiver of customs controls is imperative, since the peace process with Northern Ireland stand after the long civil war else in the game.

the British this way, would your credibility but definitely undermined. “It would be for the UK to be an international embarrassment if we gave the impression that we are trying with Tricks to circumvent the rules of world trade,” says Peter Holmes, trade expert from the University of Sussex.

Such Tricks are fatal to the British, according to Holmes, at the latest, when it comes to free trade agreements with other countries to negotiate.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Threat of recession: As the Germans of their assets ter of the world trade organization (WTO), the United Kingdom, European Union (EU) to save trade-Brexit free trade


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