investigators are looking for clues after a group of people with vehicles, the on 19. January at 16.30 h in the area of the Roßlauer street shipyard, so in the back of the Roßlauer station, stopped. The attack itself had taken place against 18.10. The men of this time had returned to this time by a right-wing Demo from Magdeburg.

Several Masked – the police of three to six perpetrators were at the time, attacked the four men, and had these attacked with objects including a Hammer, brutally. Three men, including the leading member of the Free companionship from Roßlau, were seriously injured and were in part also to the intensive care unit.

On the Sunday after the fact, and the week after it had been on the Roßlauer station, two protest rallies. In the first Demo, a 14-year-old young people from the left scene, had been attacked and injured.

The Internet currently circulating on speculation of a new Demo, Right in Roßlau

In the Internet speculation currently circulating, that it is on Tuesday, 19. February, could come in the vicinity of the railway station again to be a Demo, Right. Regardless of the March in the point of view. In Dessau, where it is traditionally to the bombing and serious destruction at the 7. March 1945 remembered. In the past few years, it had given on this occasion, again and again rights marches. This could this Time out of solidarity reasons, to a greater extent than the last.

In Dessau want to go to the coalition “democracy in action” after six years, people chain a new way and plans on Saturday, 9. March, in the city center a colorful day under the Heading of “Dessau-Roßlau for democracy and openness to the world”. On the Internet the Right to ongoing and environment, mobilise now for a week later, the 16. March. In the past year had been between the two events a week. (mz/sb)

*The contribution of the “group of people in a shipyard street seen: the First track to the attack on rights in Roßlau?” comes from the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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