The loss of value is the purchase of the often under-appreciated Cost savings to the car. Lately, there has been a confused buyer is mainly due to the Diesel-driving bans – and some politicians switched in the long term, even on gasoline-bans . The change in buyer behavior is reflected on the residual value of the development. However, there is between the individual vehicle classes are significant differences.

the remainder of the value will be the eventual winner of the

FOCUS Online and Bähr & Fess Forecasts which has been running since 2010 in the semi-annual rhythm, residual value forecasts, calculated on a period of four years, and crown giant the residual value. The average loss in value across all Car classes, is on an annual driving distance of 15,000 km in the first year after the issuance of 24.2 percent. In the following years, there are only about five to six percent. But there is a big difference between individual brands and models.

  • The calculations to determine winners in two categories: Relative residual value giants (in percent) and absolute residual value giants (in euros).
  • Relative residual value giant means: How much percent of original list price in 2022 is still present? Winners of percent in the models that retain within four years, the percentage of the original value.
  • winner in Euro (absolute residual value giant) , new car types, which will be lost after four years of Euro and Cent expected the least from the original price.

Therefore, the value of the giant to stand out, often for the absolute Rest of all other cars on the podium than in the case of the relative, explains Dieter Fess of Bähr & Fess Forecasts: “At the absolute residual value giant prick vehicles that can demonstrate a combination of two factors: the comparatively low list prices, and a solid future rest,” said Fess.

FOCUS Online The S-class factor: With this equipment, a new car remains longer sought-after fleet customers move to a Hybrid to

in previous years, the data of Bähr & Fess showed a slow loss of importance of the diesel fuel. For the car manufacturer is now becoming a serious Problem, explains Dieter Fess: “The ambitious, short-term CO2-targets still need to be Diesel. Only towards 2025, when further tightening to be introduced, it will no longer go without hybridization or full electrification. To get there, the trend is clearly in the direction of gasoline and, preferably, a Plug-In Hybrid”, the residual value expert. The triumph of the Diesel, the horsepower higher segments in the compact class, will practically “reversed“. Only the company car and fleet area, primarily from operating cost reasons, the Diesel.

SUV Diesel-high-castle

“However, we also note there is increasingly a government grant for Plug-In Hybrid. This is not yet be described as significant, but as a self-reinforcing trend,” says Fess. The Diesel is increasingly a matter of money: “In the expensive segments will be willing (and financially able) to pay high charges for a very clean and dynamic driving 6d-temp-Diesel and future exhaust-gas standards,” says Fess. Accordingly, diesel cars are still on the residual value-win podium, mainly for high-priced SUV.

The value of the most stable models: petrol engines in the Trend

if you Look at the winners of the individual segments, especially small gasoline engines rank at the very top. Some of the selected class winners:

  • In the case of the Minis (A-Segment) win Ford Ka+, Fiat 500 and VW Up (relative residual value giant in a percentage of the original price), the loss in value of the Euro, it burns with a Citroen C1 at the least money (2. Place: Ford Ka+, 3. Place: The Skoda Citigo).
  • The Volkswagen brand, brings in the percent scoring at least four places in the Top 3, with the new VW Polo 1.0 car to the top of the small segment can slide.
  • In the case of the SUV with both petrol and diesel models are stable in value. Winner to percent both in the Mini-SUV as well as the larger Kraxlern each petrol models (such as the Audi Q2 1.0 TFSI, the Suzuki Jimny 1.5 or the Porsche Macan). The value of the most stable SUV models, the absolute residual value of giants (the lowest value of loss in Euro) hot Dacia Duster, Lada Taiga, and Seat Arona in the Mini-SUV. In the case of the compact Kraxlern petrol engine (Suzuki Vitara, Seat Ateca and Mitsubishi ASX) wins. In the large SUV, however, the Diesel remains the first choice (and often the only useful engine): SsangYong Rexton, Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota Landcruiser are the winners.
  • With 60 percent of the purchase price can save a model as much in its fourth year, over “” like the Audi Q2 1.2 TFSI. It will follow with 59 per cent of the Porsche Macan and the Mini Countryman.

FOCUS Online is A conversion of nothing: that’s Why you should use your Diesel as quickly as possible the upper class: the Porsche and the Lexus wins with Hybrid for sale-models

In the upper-class Segment of the hybrid models: The Porsche Panamera wins in the case of the relative residual value giants as a 4 Hybrid, followed by the Lexus LS 500 h. And in the case of the real E-car? The Renault Zoe, the Stromer with the best residual value prospects, due to its relatively low base price. Through the Reform of the service tax from 2019, E-cars are not cars for commercial users more attractive, unless you drive especially long distance. Residual value expert Dieter Fess warns, however, against too high expectations of the Stromer: “There will be in the future as more pure electric vehicles on our roads. But only if the prices go down and the range up, and only if, the infrastructure of Refueling will be continuously improved, the electric car a Chance, to hybrids, a noticeable Alternative to be in the future for hydrogen power. As long as the electricity mix, coal-fired power plants significantly contribute to, the ‘clean’ electric drive pure waste.”

the value of the most stable brands

  • Top 3 rankings : 10 times Audi, 7 times BMW, 7 time Mercedes, 7 times that of Porsche
  • First place : 5-time Porsche 3 Audi, 3 times by Mercedes

All the results of the current residual value giants you find in the individual Segment Tables on the following pages.

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