In the summer, will pull the DUH but with the previous measurement values between the balance sheet, announced to the plaintiff. So it will not come to be prohibited initially, diesel driving.

DUH managing Director Jürgen Resch said in port, a clean air plan was as good as nationwide, none so far. “He is but sewn arg on edge, that is why we are querying on a monthly basis, the measures and the predicted values match.” Resch praised the efforts of the city, to strengthen the Bicycle traffic and electric buses.

Important step

The Wiesbaden environment Department, Andreas Kowol (Green) reaches said after the hearing, it is an important stage had been reached and he was confident that the city will have taken the right steps to Reduce the pollutant load.

so Far, the DUH has filed against the clean air plans of nationwide, 35 cities action. In Hesse-Darmstadt, Offenbach and Limburg for this, in addition to Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. For Darmstadt, DUH, and the country have agreed to block two streets from June 2019 for older Diesel. In Frankfurt there will be until a final judicial clarification, no diesel driving bans.

The negotiation for Wiesbaden had been postponed in mid-December, because the court wanted to obtain more information about the city of the measures already adopted for air pollution control. Among other things, it was a question of what the effect of a Hardware retrofit municipal Diesel-buses.

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