The volume between new year’s eve, 18:00, and new year’s morning at 06:00, this year was 86 inserts. In the previous year the police had to move out in the same period, to 90 operations. The seven guard divisions of the police the following image: Arnsberg 41, Sundern, 8, Brilon, 8, Marsberg, 7, Winterberg, 4 and Schmallenberg 4 inserts. The number of bets with new year’s eve reference was 68 and the number of measures taken at 24. It is a place of reference had to be issued and three people were in preventing further criminal/administrative offences, temporarily taken into custody. There are four criminal charges relating to damage to property, three to ten with respect to bodily injury offences, two relating to resistance to offences against prison service officers, and a display relating to an insult, were recorded on a sexual Basis.

In particular, it is reported to behave following property: To at 00:07 was made in Arnsberg Neheim on the Möhnestraße a 7jähriges girl by a new year’s eve rocket, and slightly injured. In Winterberg, Am waltenberg, developed around 02.45 PM in a fight between Dutch tourists and residents from the Sauerland region. A total of ten persons were involved in the altercation. There are five of those Involved were slightly injured. From the environment of the Victim, an 18-year old man had to be taken by the police in custody, as he was disturbed by the acts of the police and a place of reference did not oblige. Against 03:38 PM, the rescue service and the police were called to a traffic accident, according to Meschede, Olpe, Hagay,. A 50-year-old Bicycle rider was thrown on the road. The drunken man was brought in with a head injury to the hospital. A blood sample was taken. Due to an apartment fire there was, 03:48 PM a siren alarm and expressions of the fire Department in Arnsberg. On the seibertz road it had come in a multi-family home to a fire in the bedroom of an apartment. The four residents of the apartment, two adults and two children, were brought in with a suspected flue-gas inhalation in a hospital. The other three occupants of the other apartments were able to leave the house unharmed. The multi-family house is currently not habitable. The investigation into the cause of the fire are led by the criminal investigation Department. (Kri)

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