In the case of the Overtaking of the level of the Ford was damaged by the Audi. The Audi driver, however, continued to pursue its journey in Rtg. Kirchhundem fort, without a care for the damage incurred. The person who drove the polluter-pays initially, lost it, but a little later. Finally turned the Audi off the station road in the dog emstraße and crashed again with the Ford. Afterwards, fled the cause of the accident. The vehicle was found then left in the Heimicke. It was found that the mounted on the vehicle plates belong to the car. Both road accidents have been recorded and the car of the offender’s ensure. The investigations by the police, potential witnesses are asked to contact the police in Lennestadt Tel no. 02723 / 9269-5200.

The resulting property damage is approximately 4,500 euros.

This post is provided by: district police authority Olpe/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

district police authority Olpe/news aktuell


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