The experts of Stiftung Warentest in Berlin have buttons the 9 most common misunderstandings once. What emerged is likely to come as a surprise to some citizens:

1. The statutory pension is decreasing, the contributions of no to rise

. The individual pensions are not to fall, as the financial test author Katharina Henrich explained. This was excluded by the state pension guarantee, even legally. It can happen that they rise less than the wages to do it in the average. You can, however, increase as of 2018, stronger than this.

In the last five years they have risen in the West, between 1.67 and 4.25 per cent, and in the East between the 2.5 and 5.95 percent. Since 1992, the value of a pension is like point never. For 2019 stands at 1. July a new pension increase, which is expected to be about three percent. And as for the supposedly ever-increasing contribution rate to the pension insurance: This is currently at 18.6 per cent of pensionable income. In the last 25 years, he was almost always higher. In 1997, approximately 20.3 per cent. The FOCUS of the Online pension calculator, you can Calculate the amount of your pension

2. Anyone who works for a long time, gets that much pension

no. In the German pension system, it comes down to how much someone has earned, not only on how much he has worked. One example is the Berlin-based consumer protection: Klaas H. labourer is in Hamburg, Germany. He has always earned half of the average income, 2019, the 19.451 Euro in the year. After 40 years of work, he is now in retirement. He gets 641 euros a month from the pension Fund.

The Frankfurt software engineer Anna Rosinski has only pays for 30 years in the pension Fund, so 10 years shorter than Hinkel. Your content was always Twice that of the average earner, for 2019, the 77.800 Euro in the year. Your state pension is 1.922 per month. PDF We answer your questions about the pension

a PDF-special edition is answers to all the questions on the topic of retirement – of the statutory pension the Riester subsidy to private pension insurance. Sample calculations show the tax impact and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the individual products.

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PDF guide

3. Top-income earners benefit much more

no. Workers with very high earnings figures are not on your entire income, pension contributions, but only up to the so-called contribution assessment ceiling, which currently 80.400 euros in the year. For everything that is over that limit, you pay no contributions. From this you get no state pension.

An example: Claudia Nicholls a sales engineer in Nürnberg. You deserve for 37 years to Double the average income, what constitutes 2019 approximately 77.800 EUR. Your pension is based on the current values of 2.370 Euro per month. Franz Schweigle, Manager of the Stuttgart-based automotive group, earned in the same period, more than six times as much, namely 500. 000 Euro in a year. His state pension is not according to current values with 2.449 per month nevertheless, much higher.

4. The East Germans are at a disadvantage

no. On The Contrary. Workers in the East get for the same Deposit more pension than Workers in the West.

An example: The Leipzig Michael Otte earned 2018, a total of 37.873 Euro and paid out together with his employer 7.044 euros in pension contributions. Based on the current values of the pension Fund, writes for pension entitlements in the value of 34,52 EUR in the month.

The Cologne-Gereon cellar deserves just as much. The same amount of contributions flowing to the pension Fund. He gets only entitlements in the value of currently 32,03 EUR.

The impression that East Germans were at a disadvantage, is the value of a pension that is in the “new länder” is lower. It indicates how high the monthly pension for an Insured person with average earnings in a given calendar year. He is currently 32,03 EUR in the West, and 30,69 Euro in the East. However, the pension Fund to evaluate the Ostrenten using a conversion factor later on. This ensures that Ottes entitlements higher than Keller’s. By 2025, the pension values are matched, the conversion factor is then abolished.

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5. Who would pay for the 5 years, loses money

no. Citizens who have reached their regular retirement age, but a total of only one period of insurance of less than five years, you must not write anything in the Wind. You can have your contributions refunded. In many cases, however, it may be significantly more advantageous, the missing times, by means of voluntary special payments to compensate for and to secure a pension. How much money must be paid, depends on the individual case. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung in Berlin will help in the decision Personal advice

Who has questions to his own pension in the German statutory pension insurance scheme free of charge. They can be reached via the toll-free Hotline 0800/100 04 80 25 . Comprehensive assistance also offer independent pension adviser for a fee (addresses below An initial consultation costs 190 Euro plus VAT.

6. The “pension with 63” no also starts with 63

. The age of the “pension for especially long-term Insured” was 63 years, when it was introduced in 2014. It has gradually increased since that time but at 65 years of age. Who is now 63, can only be used with 63 years and 8 months. She was introduced to a long time insured with a minimum of 45 insurance years, an earlier pension start without deductions to allow.

What is often confused is that There really is a “retirement at 63”. The was not, however, meant the most, like the consumer advocates explain. Because: the Latter is Insured by the “pension for the long-term”, with a minimum of 35 years of insurance, the Chance to draw their pension at age 63. For strong reductions are partly due.

7. With the regular retirement age, reductions away

no. Who’s taking an early retirement and losses, has decided to permanently. Each month, the Insured prior to their regular retirement age will go into retirement, cost you 0.3% of your pension. This applies to all those who have not collected a total of at least 45 years of Insurance. Who ceases to be so, for example, three years earlier from the Job, must face life long with declines of 10.8 percent to his pension. New Service on FOCUS Online Focus Online

pension, insurance, housing, money: if you Have questions about consumer issues? Then send us your request and our experts will provide you with your advice. Just send an E-Mail with the subject “My question”

8. The pension is full

taxed no. Currently, not a single state pension needs to be fully taxed. This happens before 2040. From then on, the old-age income from the state are for all in the year or later in retirement, 100 percent taxable.

But The taxpayer share is expected to increase each year. Retirees who left the company in 2005 or earlier from the Job to get free, yet 50 per cent of their pension tax, it is for new pensioners in the year 2019, only 22 per cent. The pension exemption amount, the tax office determined for each retiree. He remains life-long. Pension increases in the first year, to be taken into account for the tax-free amount. All subsequent increases, tax increases apply. FOCUS Online The Taxable portion of the pension up to the year 2020

9. The self-employed may not be True in the pension Fund of the

. Some are even obliged to do so, in the pension insurance Fund as a self-employed teacher and artist. In addition, any freelancers and self-employed persons can pay in voluntary contributions to the pension Fund, the entitlement to a statutory pension. This is especially interesting if someone has private health insurance.

Who pays voluntarily, it is allowed to choose its contribution is relatively free. He must be in 2019, for a minimum of 83,70 € in the month and may not exceed 1.246,20 Euro. A state pension then flows, if until the commencement of the Pension, the necessary at least five years of insurance time are together. Whether and to what extent an Investment is profitable, can calculate, among other things, an Advisor to the German pension insurance.

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