Despite lengthy searches and false charges against another man, the Dominatrix took back the beginning of October, the lawsuit, because the case was too much trouble.

His outcome of the legal dispute began in September 2017, as the Dominatrix of a customer was treated. The man who did not appear at the agreed date, under the full name as the Romanian and stated on the phone, in the vicinity of Munich, to stop and to be new in the profession.

Domina appeared accused first of all the Wrong

As the customer, caught up with you to inquire about a Consulate and came across on the Internet that the man is, apparently, sheep. It Reminder letter and court order followed, before the court date finally turned out, the Dominatrix, the customer was in the Wrong accused and that “in view of his advanced age”. The sheep-dealer was, once again, that he had made his wife because of the lawsuit, to considerable reproach.

The Domina was able to identify the desired customer then but still on a photo. It was the business partner of the defendant. On the trouble of a new suit is filed will not, however, as the court announced. The Domina remains now to several hundred euros the costs of the proceedings sitting. (Az 275 C 4388/18)

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