After a Pause of the storm going back now; you are in urgent need of a safe haven, tweeted the Berlin-based NGO Sea Watch on Wednesday. Many of the people on Board were suffering from sea-sickness.

a Few hours later, said the government of Malta, to let the two ships in the Twelve-mile Zone of the Mediterranean sea, ship, skating on ice. You may not, however, create.

had The “Sea-Watch 3” at 22. December prior to Libya migrants rescued and is blocked since then, with 32 refugees on Board on the sea. “This Situation is no longer sustainable and humane as to answer politically,” said Sea-Watch.

low countries to go ahead

in Addition, a ship of the Regensburger organization Sea-Eye with 17 migrants on Board, waiting in the vicinity of the “Sea-Watch 3” on a permit for the start of a port. The “Professor Albrecht Penck” sails under the German flag, the “Sea-Watch 3” under the Dutch. “Germany can and must now take more responsibility,” wrote Sea-Eye on Facebook.

Neither Malta nor Italy want to allow private Maritime search and rescue in their ports because of the Union of States to a distribution of the boat refugees.

The Netherlands has declared on Wednesday ready to be a part of the refugees aboard the “Sea-Watch 3”. A prerequisite is that other EU countries took a part of the refugees, said a spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of justice. In negotiations under the mediation of the EU were Commission.

Spaniard saved 320 refugees in two days,

, The Spanish coast guard rescued meanwhile, the first two days of the year, already more than 320 refugees on the Mediterranean sea. On new year’s day 111 and on Wednesday 214 other people had been rescued, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. The coast guard search, also, for another boat that was clearly in distress.

According to the UN, died in 2018 of approximately 1300 people in the attempt to get from North Africa through the Central Mediterranean sea route to Europe.



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