the 1. Statement: The Diesel is the main cause of high nitrogen dioxide levels in cities.

rating: Correct.

facts: The majority of the revenue actually comes from the traffic and cars with a diesel engine. According to data of the Federal environment Agency (UBA) is the dioxide of the traffic of the main sources of Nitrogen in the inner cities. Only eight percent come about by heating and four percent of the industry. The lion’s share of motor vehicles with 61 per cent.

In city traffic, in turn, is the main source of nitrogen, according to UBA, Diesel Cars in oxides. You are here for almost three-quarters (72.5 percent) of the vehicles produced Stickstoffdioxids responsible. The a Germany, however, is more average.

“of course There are local differences, depending on how high the traffic volume and fleet composition on-the-spot,” says Ute from the Federal environment Agency. The 72.5 percent, but the rooms a very good size for cities and Metropolitan areas.

Especially high, the output of the not-quite-so-old Diesel is, according to the data of the car with the exhaust emission standard Euro 5, which was introduced in 2009. A significant improvement would only be possible with the wide dissemination of the latest Euro standard 6.

2. Assertion: When Burning cigarettes or candles are set in part by higher nitrogen dioxide values, as from a Diesel.

rating: Basically correct, but the values are not reached over a longer period of time like in traffic.

facts: A new Diesel engine, the exhaust emission standard Euro 5 is allowed to emit to the test 180 micro grams of nitrogen oxides per Kilometer, the more stringent Euro standard 6 provides for 80 micro grams per kilometre. In reality, the actually measured pollutants, however, is many times higher.

The lung specialist Dieter Köhler, the recently with some colleagues, the limit values for these pollutants questioned, however, holds: smokers, for example, inhaled much larger quantities of nitrogen oxides. But now it turns out that Köhler has charged massively. On Wednesday, he acknowledged errors in his paper.

The Burn of a cigarette according to the Federal environment Agency, about 100 to 600 micro grams of nitrogen oxides, how much the reacts to nitrogen dioxide, is different. When Burning, a candle of 200 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide, depending on the size of the room per cubic meter of air.

critics of the limits, such as Thomas cook, a specialist in reciprocating engines at the Karlsruhe Institute for technology (KIT), conclude: “In many everyday situations, we higher nitrogen oxide values in exposed than in traffic.” Cook has co-authored the opinion of the critical lung physicians on the topic of limits.

“But a candle, you know not the whole year,” says Wolfgang Taut, doctors at the Federal environment Agency. The EU limit value of 40 micrograms in German inner cities relates to the year. It is not maximum values in the annual mean measured values from the hours of the night, where hardly any cars are on the road. “A comparison of a nitrogen dioxide concentration in the annual mean with a high short-term concentration by candles or cigarettes is not useful”, so Tight. Because add to this that the air in the rooms in contrast to the outdoor air in cities is improved: “By the window to be opened, provided that the air quality is in front of the Window, and as low in pollution.”

3. Claim: nitrogen dioxide are not so dangerous.

rating: False.

facts: nitrogen oxides react in the air quickly to the harmful nitrogen dioxide. The harmful effect of nitrogen dioxide is uncontroversial. In the lungs, the Mace can attack cells and inflammatory processes trigger. In fact, there are studies in humans and animals, in which subjects oxides of nitrogen have inhaled, in which this connection is assigned. Generally, air pollutants are considered to be a risk factor for certain diseases.

However, it is difficult, the effects of various pollutants separate from each other. Criticism was the last of the so-called epidemiological studies where a high level of nitrogen dioxide pollution with cardiovascular disease, Asthma or Diabetes. A statistical connection between death and the contaminants is produced. The recent criticism of lungs specialist doctors, for instance, turns against these studies. Are you questioning that there actually is a causal link between nitrogen oxides and death cases, and questioning in the Wake of the EU-wide limit values.

However, scientists from the International society for environmental epidemiology (ISEE) and lung specialists of the European Respiratory Society (ERS): There are quite a causal relationship between nitrogen dioxide and the health of asthmatics, more recent studies have also pointed to links with cardiovascular disease and Diabetes.

According to the logic of the critics, there were no deaths due to Smoking, according to the opinion of ISEE and ERS. “However, we know that Smoking is exactly how air pollution in the long term it is harmful and, for example, to respiratory – or heart-can can die from lead disease, what people.”

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