The Bicycle Business in Germany remains on course for further growth. Driver, especially the E-Bikes that enjoy unabated rising demand. According to the innovations and Trends of the coming season to concentrate here.

As in previous years, we will see in 2019, a growing number of Pedelecs with a fully integrated battery. All the major drive manufacturers, from Bosch about the Bafang to Shimano, meanwhile, the corresponding solutions in the Portfolio, which will be integrated more and more Bicycle manufacturers in known or new series often. Accordingly, the selection rises to chic and top quality acting Pedelecs. A good example is the brand Kreidler, the long time stylistically simple food offered, but now with the Vitality Eco 20 is a technically and visually sophisticated E-Bike in service.

Designer-Pedelecs in the Trend

profiling In the Integration of drive components, particularly you try to Start parallel ups with avant-garde designs. How about the Design of the Pedelec, the new German brand of Geos, in which a steel frame is in the center, in spite of a classic Bicycle Aesthetic with a powerful battery package. A particularly daring design, the RV01 of the French Newcomers Stajvelo, not only with a framework for integration of battery and Motor, but also with single-sided guide of the wheels, and in injection molded composite impressed substances. Also in France, and produced large Parts of the Coleen is designed with a in the first moment of antiquated cross frame, in which a 529-Wh battery hidden. The estimated 7.000 Euro expensive precious E-Bike also features a Spartan style, as well as many individual components made of metal, and a number of high-quality components. Cannondale Cannondale more developed but also conventional road bikes. The System Six sets in terms of aerodynamics-new standards

Increasingly also road bike manufacturers, which will bring, in spite of a certain inconsistency to the Ethos of the scene in growing number of engine models on the market are electrified. In addition to the particularly compact and therefore almost invisible Fazua-drive are now mounted Bafang and Bosch. With the Swabian drive solution such as the Cannondale is started Synapse Neo. Here, too, the drive is embedded quite elegant, but at the same time, more outspoken than previous E-racer, the cheat technology.

FOCUS Online/Wochit congestion-free and faster through the city: study shows how the use of Autonomous cars possible mountain bikes is also with E-support

The discussion about the sense or nonsense of an E-support has not been necessary in the case of the mountain bikes for a long time. Here’s electrified models have taken over, especially in the upper price segment, already the supremacy, like the mighty flood of increasingly sophisticated and high-quality models. For a Premium manufacturer such as deer for a few years, popular E-mountain bike is, according to the Marketing executives Ole Wittrock “here to stay”. If the electrically assisted bike is in for a similar career, or rather a niche product will be, remains to be seen. In the case of conventionally powered bikes will certainly fiddled more and more innovations. Cannondale has set about with the Systemsix-family sets new standards in terms of air resistance. The manufacturer offers a variety of expansion stages, which are analogous to the price also the aerodynamics is increasing. Who wants to drive streamlined, needs to invest five digits.

in addition to the diversification of E-Bike types, the number of drive systems to back up with some interesting innovations a part of the growing pie is growing. An exciting example of this is Kervelo from France, with the Quartz referred to a 48-Volt motor, is integrated in a compact motor housing with a 12-speed planetary gearbox. Fitcar PPV the car is approaching the bike. At least when Fitcar a pedal drive has been installed

The Pedelec-Boom can hardly be a bike manufacturer. Even brands that have already shown the E-Bike the cold shoulder, has urged the great demand for a rethink. Among other things, the Berlin high-end manufacturer schindelhauer which has built exclusively on conventional wheels up to 2019, with a whole E-Bike family, with different types and concepts. Also, the traditional brand Rabeneick has taken with the so-called e-series three models – Urban-, Sport – and Trekking Pedelec completely new to the program. Even the folding bike specialist, Brompton wants to be next year already, years ago, advertised the promise of an E-variant is true. All the electric cars in Germany: Configurator, test, data, test drives

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car maker to build two wheels

The lucrative market arouses increasing attention from car manufacturers. Thus, the two-Wheeler division of Peugeot expanding its E-Bike-Offensive with a new Trekking, racing and City models. Even the Old-Economy icon General Motors is trying to move in 2019 into the E-Bike Business. So far, there is a stylish spec on this compact bike, which is on December 31. In January, will receive its official name. A specific launch date was not yet known. Another auto giant that goes into the bike business, is VW: 2019 is expected to start the production of Cargo Bikes in Hannover, which offers as a special highlight of a so far unique kinematics, which holds also in the curves of the cargo in a horizontal and stable Position.

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Anyway, load wheels: numbers here are likely to year-to-date sales continue to rise. According to Eurobike in 2017 were sold at least 15,000 of these mostly unwieldy commercial vehicles. Also cargo bike-Sharing providers such as Donk-EE from Cologne to report increasing numbers of users. Without a Motor, nothing works, of course. This has been recognised by, among other things, the still-young brand Muli Cycles and the e-mule hung up. Also, the E-Bike company is preparing its first E-cargo bike for the imminent market launch. In addition to more technical sophistication, such as the VW design, and advances in this Segment the Design into sharper focus. This is impressively demonstrated at the Velosled the Danish manufacturer Coh&Co, has brought a particularly light carbon frame in surprisingly chic Form. Another focus of development relates to the payload that can be in professional areas of application, like: Quite high, for example, the A-N. T. Heavy Duty Cargo Bike puts the bar that is recommended thanks to the innovative steering system, and almost 300 kilograms of payload, which is an interesting Alternative to a small truck for tradesmen. Similar to load, the new Tender of the Urban Arrow, up-to-date in the 300-kilogram class. ZEG, The A N. T. Heavy Duty Cargo Bike is a good 300 kg of load

cargo bikes for inner-city

to be able to master The car again closer to when load wheels of a so-called Velomobile. Yet none of these new car-bike hybrid with a Pedelec drive in the market, but that should change in a timely manner. Among other things, will soon offer the Norwegian company Elpedal the Podbike to inspire at a price of around 5,500 euros with a closed cabin all-year driver. Also from Norway CityQ comes with a four-wheeled and covered the city of mobile with Pedelec drive for the small family. Finally, the German Jonas Kremer has announced to bring the Citkar Loadster a Mini Truck with a covered passenger cabin and Pedelec drive in the market. The Kettcar for small logistics to cost 7,000 euros.

Meanwhile, there are also the opposite case, because in addition to Pedelecs, the approach of the car, has approached at least one car, technically the E-Bike. In this case, the Dutch company BPO has planted a Audi A4 with a pedelec drive system. When the Fitcar JPA project mentioned above, this replaced the pedals for the clutch, Gas and brake. Who is kicking, transmitted over sensor technique of the acceleration request. You want to go faster, pedal stronger. As the project develops further, it remains to be seen. BPO has announced that it is to apply in the near future for the converted A4 Avant in the Netherlands, an EU-type approval. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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