It was a triumphant Comeback for Tesla. Almost pronounced dead and just before the Bust suspected, fought back the electric brand and let the sales figures of the middle-class model, Model 3, all of the competitors with a huge distance behind . The end of the year 3000, however, were non-cars bought on the stockpile, according to the industry magazine “Elektrek”.

Apparently, Tesla has the demand for its Top-Seller overestimated – even if only slightly, compared To the least marked rise in the weekly Model 3-production of 3000 unsold cars more of a luxury problem. Especially if you compare it with the tens of thousands of temporarily unsaleable cars from Audi or VW, which must be due to problems at the changeover to the new exhaust test, the WLTP is parked.

Tesla: How big the demand will be in 2019?

Worry about the Americans not, for now, the delivery of the Model 3 in other important markets such as China or Europe. In a few months, the car comes to Germany. The variant with a large battery to start with 57.900 Euro, the Performance Version of 68,600 Euro. For the two smaller battery sizes (Standard and Mid-Range), there are still no prices. Tesla The Tesla Model 3 creates, according to official information, more than 500 kilometers of range

in 2019, Tesla still has a crucial Problem in his home country, the USA: The state electro-promotion in a phased manner. Had the car depending on the state of up to 7500 dollars cheaper. This funding is capped for each manufacturer will be 200,000 electric cars sold, then the amount of half of the year halved to six months. The reason is that not large electrical manufacturers such as Tesla and General Motors are preferably, but also smaller electricity providers to benefit from the promotion. This has nothing to do with the current U.S. government to the President of Trump keeps known to be of direct subsidies little, but rather geo-strategic economic policy for the benefit of the domestic market, but was always planned that way.

Tesla does not kill only the BMW i3, but also the Prius

How well Tesla and other electric manufacturers are now developing further, will depend on whether the concept of electric car is also available without the state funding pot sustainable success. The crucial question is: What happens when the market is saturated, but not at a sufficient pace will open up new markets, or new models come out on the market? CNCDA car market in California: electric cars and Plug-In Hybrids increase their share of the market continuously, but at the cost of normal Hybrid

an Example, one can observe that in California, the most important single market in the United States. Many Model 3-customer to rise, according to Tesla chief Elon Musk of cars such as the BMW 3 series, Honda Civic or Toyota Prius to a Model 3. The Prius was so far just in the green California the absolute hit, but the sale of developed figures, most recently not at all encouraging for Toyota. For Hybrids without plug-in it looks total bad. Their market share falls since 2013, continuously, from seven to the current level of only four percent. At the same time, the share of Plug rose-In hybrids and electric cars by one percent in 2013 to just under three percent.

E-cars: 10 per cent of the market-potential is not enough

The total market share of all “Electrical” which is currently at 9.6 percent (the last few months of 2018 are not included). In comparison to 2014, however, this is only an increase of a meager 0.1 percent. Is: Stromer-the scene cannibalizing itself currently in each other – the profit in the case of the pure E-cars is at the expense of the Hybrid. For the past four years, the market stagnates potential for part – or full-electric cars around 10 percent, and in the friendliest market for E-cars within the United States. It is clear that The Trendkure shows here in favor of the real E-cars is quite up and could steeply rise once the Hybrids are finally a non-starter. But in order for the electric potential in the necessary speed is greater, must Tesla’s and other electric manufacturers are doing one thing: cheaper electricity on the market. This is exactly what Tesla does not shy away but. Because of profit, the Americans make the Model 3 only with your high-priced Top versions .

2019. crucial year

state-forced measures to electro-promotion, such as driving bans for Diesel , which were introduced in Germany already, and according to the Wishes of some politicians to gasoline expanded, is likely to be enforce in the United States with its Tradition of high personal responsibility and individual freedoms are difficult to Further, public funding is under the current US government is unlikely, but would continue probably under a different government to the end. Cattle man Tesla Model 3 at the Beijing Auto Show. In China, a new factory of the electric car-manufacturer – and also in Europe, there could be a new manufacturing facility

Two success scenarios for E-cars

The electric car has only two ways to defeat really the burner: Either the Stromer are so good and cheap that the buyers will prefer it on other drives. This scenario could occur if the battery costs drop sharply, or better batteries quickly series are suitable for use. Countries with low electricity prices have a Bonus, while countries such as Germany, with its because of the energy transition, the highest electricity prices in the EU at a disadvantage.

option two: The product is electric car lives in the long term, at the expense of the taxpayers, flanked Prohibited from convictions politically motivated. 2019 will come in any case, it will be an exciting year for electricity, especially as many of the new products on the market, from simple city car e. Go Life to the expensive Premium-Stromer E-Tron from Audi. All the electric cars in Germany: Configurator, test, data, test drives

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