“looking back, we see an absolute doubling of the charging infrastructure each year,” said CEO Michael Hajesch the German press Agency. There are numerous support measures of the political side. “When you push these systems once, then you is because, I believe, well on the way.” However, the Funding period should continue, with the future expected vehicle growth to keep up.

so Far, insufficient Charging infrastructure is considered a major obstacle to the Expansion of electric mobility – in addition to the high price of the vehicles and the lower reach. The number of new registrations of electric cars were last increased, but significantly.

According to the German Association of energy and water industries (BDEW), the number of charging stations for electric cars by mid-2018, with around 13 500 charging points to 25 per cent higher than this time last Year. Add, therefore, about 6700 charging stations in Germany that are only partly accessible to the public, such as in the case of companies.

fast charger for motorways

Ionity with headquarters in Munich, was founded a year ago by the car manufacturers VW, Daimler and BMW, as a community, to stations with a particularly high power of up to 350 kW of fast roads and motorways. With this, customers can recharge the batteries of their electric vehicles in approximately a half hour.

With the focus on highways Ionity looking for a gap in the market. A large part of the load structure will be needed in the cities. “Up to ten percent of the average annual driving performance but also on long-haul routes,” said Hajesch. The possibility of the vehicle throughout Europe at petrol stations and rest areas, fast charge, is an essential part of the buying decision.

Approximately 400 of such fast charging stations will build up the community company by 2020 in 23 European countries. “We are confident that we can meet this goal,” said Hajesch. In the summer, had been begun with the construction of the first stations, so far, 14 have been completed, 27 are under construction.



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