you live in a Block in the Helmstedter Strasse in Döhren, in Saxony-Anhalt. 96 steps to disconnect your apartment from the ground floor – 96 levels, do not complicate your everyday life, if the Lift, as is currently the case, up and running. For two weeks the inhabitants of heavy shopping or other loads to haul to foot in the apartment, according to “image”.

“This is so troublesome. I’m only a doctor,” says Ilke Armbrüster to “image”. It is dependent in everyday life, even on a Walker. Now you must swing for the 79-Year-old on the railing.

property management paid for the services of the Telekom

the issue Triggered seems to be a misunderstanding between the new property management and telecommunications. Such as “image” reported, had been overlooked in the Handover may be from the contract with Telecom for emergency and intercom.

Because the property management company not paid the bills, took on Telecom performance. But without an emergency the lift must not be operated. “It is outrageous that he is still running”, writes Rudolf Armbrüster to “image”.

In the PCP dispute Hitler’s birth house: court forces the state to millions of payments mkm


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