Ski and sailing instructor, now have decided Karen Helms and Dirk Härtel for a green oasis in the Elsteraue and bought an old farm in Profen. “We are exactly one week prior to the beginning of School, our daughter is on 6. June 2016 fed here,“ says Karen home. The Saxony Leipzig had to realize that the holiday in Saxony-Anhalt occasionally, unlike in the neighbouring state.

Meanwhile, the small family arrived in Profen. The 260-year-old half-timbered house exudes coziness. The old beams in the historic planks of the tube are visible again, the floorboards on the floor. And on the wall an electric fireplace is flickering. “We feel comfortable in our new home,” says Dirk Härtel. Both are born in Leipzig and grew up in.

“Some of our friends shaking the head”

The Couple wanted to break out from the everyday rat race and started in the year of 2014 on a world tour. In South Africa, she worked on a 34,000 hectares large Farm in the middle of Nowhere. The next town with shopping possibilities was a good one an hour away by car. Back in Germany, they have exchanged their apartment in the city of Leipzig against a farm in Profen.

“Some of our friends shake in the head, but we are in 30 minutes in Leipzig,” says Dirk Härtel. The stay in South Africa, taught them a short way. On the other hand, many friends helped with the renovation of the court, tried this craft, improved power and loam, the half-timbered, tore out flooring and installed new.

oasis in Profen: Karen home rich from the beginning, in the garden,

Karen’s home was rich from the beginning of the garden. She gathered ideas, put beets, processed the harvest of its own and eventually, the animals came to the yard: chickens, sheep, a cat. The little daughter suggested to celebrate a colorful children’s birthday party on the farm, and from that the idea of this for other children grew up. The idea of “children’s birthday party on the farm” was born.

Karen’s home has studied the Sport and have been working as a teacher in Leipzig. She has a knack for children, would like to bring you closer to nature, with them in the Green discover New things. Long ago, the first school classes in Profen. “For children, it is an indescribable experience, to get out of the barn, the fresh eggs and to bake them pancakes,” says the teacher. Step-by-step tried on the Pair New.

From the milk of neighbor’s cows made their own Butter

made From the milk of neighbor’s cows made their own Butter. For Christmas home-baked bread, cheese and ham from our own smokehouse. Homemade lemonade, fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden are now part of the program.

“Somehow we needed a mascot. We place a lot of value on Green, operate a farm and the green cow,“ tell the two of them. The cow is now available in a colourful costume, because the dairy itself, there are only neighbors. Whether scarecrows build yourself, wheelbarrow races, treasure hunt in Elsteraue, wood work or tractor driving, a lot of sports and movement – all of which can today experience for children and parents with their children on this farm.

oasis in Profen: “We love each other in the village”

“We love each other in the village, whether during the work day or our first, which we have called Hofbeben,” says Dirk Härtel. The Saxons bring ideas from the city to the country, and the other way will be sharpened to the Couple in Elsteraue, the view on new things. “We have bought as the First in a Canoe, and drive it on the White Elster,” says Härtel. Because from his point of view, the water sports and at all the gentle tourism in the floodplain have a huge potential. “I think a lot of people have not recognized the still, and wait for something to come from the outside. But rather of individual initiative,“ said the Saxon.

of Course, the two have more ideas in my head. Since the speech from the Heuhotel Pension, of new own animals such as goats and geese. “Although we are city-dwellers, but we just go ahead and learn with each new challenge,” says Härtel. Aware of you are looking each other in the Region, and have contacts to some other, the moved also from Leipzig in the Elsteraue and the life more colorful. It starts with the family that operate in Zeitz the health food store, enough about the municipality in Lützkewitz and the writers. It is what is going on in the Elsteraue. (mz)

This article was written by Yvette Meinhardt

*The post “oasis on the farm: Why two Leipzig found in Profen happiness” comes from the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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