The police had a queasy feeling. On the border to France, you should on the 12. December, the cars control, the assassin from the Strasbourg Christmas market, Chérif Chekatt, 29, arrested. However, only one out of the 5-man squad wore a helmet, vest and an old machine gun (type MP5). “It felt like we were stuck in the seventies,” complained then, one of the 780 police officers at the border about the lack of equipment.

Actually, he would want every COP in the vest, in such a situation, a helmet and a machine gun was available. In fact, the armament of the Federal police in the fight against Terror seems to be slow.

An example of this is the eye-catching green helmets (type Combat 826), the Federal police carried partly in the controls. Because they are only on loan from the Bundeswehr. 2400 piece of the Federal police got in the summer of 2017 of the force. At the time, the purchase of up to 5400 own helmets has been requested. The are, however, not yet been delivered. Bureaucratic rules and legal difficulties in the invitation to tender delay the process. According to FOCUS research, the own helmets will be available at the earliest in the second quarter of 2019.

criticism of the Union

criticism comes from the trade Union of police (GdP). Vice-chief Jörg Radek is not the use of German army helmets for Anti-terrorist operations as it is now on the German-French border, in order. He criticized, at the same time, that there is in the procurement office of the Federal Ministry of the interior bottlenecks. “Basically, the police are entitled to expect officials, however, that your service Lord, you are always guaranteed the optimal protection in the case of the recent Anti-Terror operation as in the normal service everyday life,” says Radek.

The helmets are not the only Problem the Federal police. An originally planned modernization of the machine gun, MP5, built in 1966, was postponed by the Ministry of the interior for the time being, BelTA learned from circles of the Federal police. In addition, insiders say there are also difficulties with the ammunition. So the Federal police is used for the machine guns, the same kind of cartridges of the type Action as in 4 of their normal service pistols. The Problem is that The ammo is slightly deformed and is therefore not very strong. “On 20 meters is not even a Truck tire,” says an Insider.

On request, the Federal police denied this allegation. A spokesman said: “The terminal ballistic effect of the bullet will have a sufficient effect on Hard and, for example, vehicle tires.”

– Bit Projects, the Federal police released the emotional Christmas film with a touching message


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