Several of the Thuringian state and Federal politicians are a mass release of sensitive data in the Internet are liable to be affected. Including information from the Friday, according to Reuters, the Federal Commissioner for the Eastern countries, Christian shepherd (CDU), as well as several Thuringian Minister. Among other things, names, part addresses diving, landline and mobile phone numbers of several state and member of the Federal Parliament of different parties in the documents in the network. Politicians in the AfD seem to be of the data leak is not affected.

As the rbb-info radio as the first had reported, were already published before Christmas of vast amounts of personal data and documents from politicians, artists and journalists on Twitter. Is also affected German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

According to information provided by the Thuringian Ministry of the interior 22 move out of the state until noon on Friday known. The state created a hazard analysis. This includes issues such as the question of whether the public data has become a greater danger to the individual Concerned was to be expected, said a spokesman for the interior Ministry. About the Online attacks of Thuringia had been informed, Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left).

Of the CDU politician Christian shepherd were published according to their own information may also Facebook-Chat-logs. “From my point of view this is an attack on parliamentary democracy. It is obvious that you want to harm the politicians,“ said shepherd, the German press Agency. The publication of sensitive personal data of politicians was a “giant Problem”. It is to be feared that politicians might be publicly pilloried. Of a pastor, among other things, telephone numbers and address were published.

Also the economy Minister, Wolfgang Tiefensee, is affected, as a spokesperson for the Ministry confirmed. A phone number was made available. According to a spokesperson of the SPD parliamentary group, the SPD Deputy Thomas Hartung and Frank Warnecke were affected. Of the Green is, among other things, Thuringia’s Minister of justice, Dieter Lauinger (Greens). According to the AfD group speaker is not yet known, that the Thuringian AfD politicians are concerned.

The Thuringian Left group Vice-Chairwoman Susanne Hennig-Wellsow appears in the records with your old name Susanne Hennig. You said, that only already-known data have been published by her. Private was not among them.

The Left-hand group is currently busy with the analysis, as it was called in a communication of the group. “A possible source for part of the data published could have been a hacker attack on a Left-wing member of the state Parliament in October last year,” said Hennig-Wellsow. They wanted to ask the Thuringian Ministry of the interior, an analysis of the data, and to inform affected persons in Thuringia the scope of the published data.

Hartmut Schubert, head of IT of the country, could not tell that the data on the Thuringian politicians come from the country’s data network. There is, according to the “previous intensive investigations by our security experts,” no clues. IT experts from Thuringia had exchanged in the investigation with colleagues from other countries, it said.



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