The Federal court of auditors braces are a thorn in the eye. Every second child has the wires in the mouth to bring the jaw and teeth in a perfect position. This supply is up to 18. Birthday of the statutory funds and is every year more expensive. 2017 orthodontic (KFO beat-) treatments, with 1.1 billion euros. Waste of money, was suspicious of the Federal court of auditors in the last spring, because he doubted the sense of the measure. There is no evidence of studies for the medical Benefits.

the support received by the auditors at the time of dental professionals like Henning Madsen and Alexander Spassov, the inclined teeth per se treatment needs can discover. They argue that to think only in the case of health problems with the braces. (FOCUS Online reported.)

report says: the Benefit is not proven – it could be him, but

The Federal Ministry of health has given the Berlin-based IGES Institute in a report, which should evaluate the Benefits of the orthodontic treatment of malocclusions. This opinion is not published yet, according to “image” to a devastating result: It is not free from doubt, whether the expenditures satisfy the criteria of cost-effectiveness. And: no study could prove whether the treatment had a long-term impact on the oral health. The government would confirm the doubts.

The tabloid provides for the offence of fraud by orthodontists met.

These were immediately outraged over the “image”report. The professional Association of German oral surgeons rejected the accusation of “confirmed” rip-off, and referred in turn to their own position paper of may 2018 for the Benefit of orthodontic treatments. Here is the Newsletter, “health” subscribe to

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the Ministry of health was urged in an opinion: “… That braces reduce the morbidity (dental caries, Parondontitis, tooth loss, etc.), may be evidenced by, but is not excluded according to the IGES also. ….“

braces improve deformity and quality of life

parents, the braces for the dental therapy of your children to spend often high co-payments and a lot of time, are confused by this dispute.

you might be interested in two statements of opinion which are mentioned in the communication from the Ministry of health: 1. The quality of life improves after the completed treatment. And 2. Misalignment of the teeth will be improved by the treatment.

Nothing else is the intention and the goal in most of the Clip. In a time of attractiveness and physical perfection in society are rewarded, and no one would have teeth that grow in nature such as cabbage and turnips out of the jaw. Because teeth, sitting like a string of pearls in the mouth, beautiful and well-maintained. Yes, the whole Person is considered attractive, popular and intelligent. The found a study at King’s College in London some time ago.

experts round the health Minister to clarify is to bring

Like the braces-dispute, to show in the coming weeks, talking to the experts in the Ministry of health. The Ministry of Jens Spahn looks at the moment anyway, the top Association of Statutory funds at the train. This would need to assess the Benefits of orthodontic treatment and, ultimately, the cost of acquisition to decide.

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