• the UK to vote for withdrawal from the EU
  • Theresa May’s vote of no-confidence

EU survives-trade Commissioner: Brexit without an agreement, Chaos

Sunday, 30. December, 06.47 PM: the EU trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, expected chaos, should the UK exit without the exit agreement from the EU. The duty-free goods would abruptly be interrupted, said the Swede of the year. To going especially at the beginning, it will be “very, very complicated”.

Malmström stressed that the EU will of course start in case of No-Deal-Brexits negotiations on a trade agreement. It will, however, need time.

“So the British will be able to perform from the very first day of checks, and so we will make it,” said Malmström. In the port of Dover, which is one of the main places on the island for the trading of goods with the European mainland, there will be chaotic conditions.

the UK will escape, according to the current state of things at the end of March from the EU. Whether the separation is carried out through the Brussels negotiated exit agreement, is due to political differences in London, however, still unclear. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May had to be postponed in December, a vote in Parliament on the agreement because of the threat of defeat on January.

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