Ferit A. fell from the clouds, as he held up the indictment in the hands. Under a long file he could read that he was a bad racket. The 33-year-old forklift driver, was born in Munich and Turkish citizen, had made the assault, guilty, standing there in black and white. This Friday, the man – to – rear gegeltes hair, pinstriped shirt, a casual scarf-had to answer before the Munich district court.

Specifically, it was about an incident that, according to the indictment, on the Morning of the 6. October 2018, to be exactly to 4.28 PM. Alleged crime scene: the city of Munich, Karlsplatz. There, it contributes to the state attorney with a convincing voice, Ferit A. his then-girlfriend struck “with full force” in the face.

The defender remains cool: “The prosecution does not”

A serious charge, the counsel for the defendant responded, almost and cooling: “The accusation is not true,” says lawyer Gernot Lammel. “Mr. A. has not struck the woman.”

Göran Schattauer / FOCUS Online defender Gernot Lammel, defendant Ferit A.

Such sentences are relatively halls, often in German court, they belong to the Standard Repertoire of criminal defenders. Many a lawyer believes that the allegations first package to deny – in the hope that the evidence of the Prosecutor is not sufficient in the end for a conviction. Pure tactics.

And this time?

Alleged victim tells the true story

For education is to ensure that woman who is Ferit A. had shown shortly after the alleged fact to the police, so the victim. Of momentum, the 33-Year-old in the room, long dark brown hair, a saleswoman comes, a single parent. She takes on the witness chair and begins to talk. She talks and talks. In amazement the audience follow the lecture, because what you get to hear is highly unusual.

The woman reported that she was on the day in question at the Oktoberfest, and – of course – a bit of what was drunk. Together with a friend, she was pulled into a popular cocktail bar in Munich’s city centre. There you have seen your friend Ferit A. – in the company of four young women. “Even sat on his lap.” The sight got you “pissed off”.

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“I wanted him to make Trouble, I was out on revenge”

you have to leave Angrily the restaurant, her friend had followed her, you’ve discussed “hot”. What didn’t Ferit A. at this time: His jealous girlfriend had already called the police. Her Plan: “I wanted him to make Trouble, I was looking for revenge.”

When the two arrived at Karl’s square, was already a police patrol there. The spirited woman, went to the officials and accused her apparently unfaithful boyfriend, to have you beaten. On the spot you filed a police report.

judge: “you will still get something!”

judge Jennifer Güven can hide their horror: “Thus, the case has taken a sudden turn.” Also, the Prosecutor is of the opinion that the case was “quite different expired” as the prosecution claimed. “You have invented the story, and someone incorrectly displayed,” she says in the direction of the witness. The woman nods.

Although the 33 was withdrawn-Year-old your criminal charges as early as one day later, the Prosecutor rightly wanted to leave the matter to the bottom – how of the process. For now, the alleged victim must reckon with a process – account of a false suspicion. Judge Güven: “you will still get something!”

her boyfriend at the time, she has long been separated, was acquitted. His lawyer told FOCUS Online: “I am delighted for my client that before the court of his innocence.” The costs of the proceedings are borne by the state.

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