Hal Vaughan flew with his daughter Pierce across America, to be their at the celebration of love close. She is a flight attendant, and your service plan, knows no difference between Christmas and other days. Fort Myers, Florida and Detroit were among the objectives, to complete a total of six flights.

her father, Hal but wanted to in no way accept to spend Christmas without his beloved daughter. He decided to jet off with her to America. How extraordinary that was, was only a other: has Documented the shared journey of a passenger who was sitting on one of the flights in addition to the Senior.

That passenger, Mike Levy, posted a photo of himself, Hal, and Pierce Vaughan, and wrote a little Christmas story that became a viral Hit in the social networks.

“I had the pleasure of sitting next to Hal on my return flight home. His daughter, Pierce was our flight attendant, who had to work over Christmas. To spend the two to fly today and tomorrow on their flights across the country around Christmas time. What a fantastic father!“

Hal Vaughan, who flew with the miles of the daughter for free in the first class, spoke of a “Christmas miracle“, which was true. The Crew took care of a particularly touching to the extraordinary passenger.

“A special thanks to the Gate staff across the country and my perfect Crew,” wrote the daughter of Pierce.

Facebook What a story!

the passenger sitting next to Hal Vaughan, had made the history of the world public. Daughter Pierce is overwhelmed by the positive reactions from all over the world: “Those wonderful first class passenger has made us understand how great the Whole thing is”, she thanked Mike Levy.

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