feels As a woman to go alone at night to go home to, for many do not good. On dark, empty streets, the fear of strange men that might have evil intentions is growing. In order to feel safer, that is why some of a Taxi or Uber ride home. Ultimately, the women embark, however, on a voluntary basis in a Situation with a strange man. And sure, many do not feel well.

How hard it is for a woman to deal with such situations, described by Jull Gutowitz, a writer from Los Angeles Account, in the autumn of last year on her Twitter. “I keep seeing Tweets about how situations for men, normal for women dangerous can be,” she wrote.

“He asked me further, whether I would live alone”

she said that she would always be asked if you would at night sit alone in the cars of Uber drivers, of these, wherever you go. “You already have the address, so it’s not a real question – you want to know what is the final destination for me. You can drill further: ‘Is this your home?’, ‘This is the house of a friend? Your Friend?‘“, she reported.

“I make sure to not ever say that it is my home,” says Jill. “I know that you want me to say that it is my home. Once I said that, it is my Home and he asked me if I would live alone. I wrote to a friend that I was afraid of a Stranger and just got off the phone with her until I was home.“

“The only answer of peace”

in Order to protect itself, responds to Jill most of the time, that the aim of the home is your solid friend. “This is the only answer, give you peace of mind,” she wrote. “Not only because it is sexist, and you accept another man, but not me, but also because I’m a lesbian,” says Jill.

“I’m never going to go to the home of my friend. As long as there are such services, I’ll always have to lie about my sexuality to make me feel safe.“

“I always have pepper spray”

The drivers often may not be aware of what you do with your questions when your female passengers and the fear they trigger. Many users coming post commented on Jill’s and showed that she is with her Fears alone.

“When my daughter is riding in a driver, I’m gonna take a Screenshot with the information to the driver of your send. I’ll call you when she gets in the car and we stay in touch to you home is,“ wrote one user. “It’s true. I always take pepper spray if I were an Uber,“ commented another.

Many women feel during a ride with the Taxi or Uber is still safer than alone on the street. However, men who are alone with a strange woman in the car, or at a different location should be aware of the Situation. And the necessary sensitivity, not to exploit the situation or to care for anxiety.

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