This writes the “world”. Although a final decision in the Federal government. However, it is only the Details of implementation and to the point, how high is the extra bonus for buyers who live in the so-called intensive cities. The 15 municipalities, where the limit value for nitrogen oxide emissions is not exceeded.

Also, in which cities are the buyers of E-cars also get an extra bonus, want to in a timely manner, the government, according to information of the “world well before the summer break, a decision to make. You would like to achieve that by increasing the number of cleaner cars improve air quality to the extent that, in the municipalities of EU-dictated limits and driving bans for Diesel prevents can be observed how the “world” further writes.

Association of the automotive industry calls for a long time, to extend the state’s premium over June,

In the pot for the so-called eco-bonus of 600 million euros in total in Federal funds. So far, however, only 134 million euros had been paid out, it said. Around 100 000 applications have been received.

The premium should be phased-out according to previous plans, actually, at the end of June. There are more E-cars coming now, but increasingly on the market, the charging infrastructure is improving, it said in government circles. The German Association of the automotive industry (VDA) calls for a long time, to extend the state’s premium over June.

Federal government had the goal of one Million E-cars on German streets

For pure battery cars to be adopted after the program is 4000 Euro for hybrid cars 3000 Euro grant paid half each by the Federal government and from the car manufacturer. The list price of the base model must not be more expensive than 60 000 Euro. The action was launched in mid-2016, under the responsibility of the Ministry of economy.

The expectations have not been fulfilled. The hoped-for breakthrough for E-cars was previously, the demand in spite of growth to continue at a low level. The Federal government had originally issued the goal that, by 2020, one Million E-cars on German roads – of which she has adopted, but for a long time. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had said last September, the goal will only be reached in 2022.

new registrations of vehicles with hybrid drive have to more than half of increased

According to the latest available Figures from the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) was 2017, the fleet of electric Cars around 54 000 vehicles, the Hybrid Cars around 237 000 cars – a total of 56.5 million vehicles.

Although the increased 2018, the number of new registrations of electric cars significantly, but is still at a low level. The number of new registrations of vehicles with hybrid drive is increased according to the KBA Figures by more than half to around 130 000, in the case of pure electric cars, an increase of almost 44 percent, to 36 000 – for a total of 3.44 million new cars.

“scrappage scheme” was well to

In the case of applications to the Federal office of Economics and export control have been two-thirds for pure battery vehicles, the Rest for Hybrid vehicles. The greater part of the applications came from companies. New on the eligibility list, the Model 3 of the US-American manufacturer Tesla recently. The model is designed to bring Tesla from the upper-class niche in a broader market.

once the state of the car industry was gripped with purchase premiums under the arms. At the height of the financial crisis it was in 2009, when buying a new car 2500 Euro from the Federal government – with the so-called “scrapping premium” for the policy jobs at the car companies. You came in with the customers.

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