According to the whistleblower, this will be a group of children built to meet irregularly to Play.

in Addition, it was found by a Patrol of the Federal police on the ground that the footprints on the embankment slope and on the Track. To the children of no concrete evidence at present. The Federal police has taken up the investigation, in order to raise awareness with preventive measures in respect of the dangers to railway installations. In this context, the Federal police in Rostock directs expressly to the extreme hazards during the stay, and rail line layers.

The trains will run at high speed, are very silent and therefore be detected very late. Parents are requested to sensitize their children to the dangers so that worse can be avoided. Railways are not playgrounds!

This post is provided by: Federal police in Rostock/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

Federal police in Rostock/news aktuell


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