the Background of this hard-to-point searches in the past often encountered aggressive “black driver”, the physical Assaults on train conductors did not shrink, as well as other violence – and fraud-related offences. By the officers on a variety of identity was fixed. Several crimes were displayed.

the forces were against 14:00 clock at the main station in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, a 35-year-old traveler. In his glasses case, the man bag is a scene typical Clip, probably Crystal Meth, two vials of an unknown liquid and syringes. In addition, a purse of a female Person, it was found that the 35-Year-old owner in the previous week has stolen.

For further checks at the main train station Lutherstadt Wittenberg, a 19-Year old a bike that didn’t belong to him. The bike was discovered in January of this year by the actual owner as stolen. A 47-Year old used officials, also into the net. In the Review of his personal data in the data of the police inventory found that against the man, a warrant of the Prosecutor’s office of Cottbus was present. The man was convicted of driving without a driving permit in November 2017 by the district court in Senftenberg to a penalty of 900 euros, or 30 days imprisonment in default. The man paid neither the money demanded punishment, yet he was the start of criminal. So in 2018 the warrant was issued in April by the Prosecutor’s office in Cottbus. Because the Detained could not settle on Saturday, a monetary penalty, he was brought by the Federal police in the prison hall. Here, he will have the next 30 days are left.

At the Dessau Central station officers were on a 35-year-old man’s attention. A Review in the backpack of the 35 brought Years of three high-quality brand pants to the fore. In the case of the pants, the anti-Theft device were still present. The backpack, the man, had manipulation in order to facilitate the theft of acts.

In a further control at the Dessau Central station were bags in the case of a 29-Year-old two scene typical Clip and a plastic box with, presumably, marijuana found.

The identified clip, sachets, drugs, the rigged backpack, as well as the discovery of stolen goods were seized by the officials. The men will have to, due to violations of the criminal code and narcotics law to answer to.

This post is provided by: Federal police of Magdeburg/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

Federal police of Magdeburg/news aktuell


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