a New Player in the car sale to put the traditional auto trade powerful under pressure. As the magazine “Kfz-Betrieb” reported, the action of the discounter, Lidl, in the case of the Fiat new cars have been leased, a great success: “The 1000 at the dealership, and the king offered Fiat 500’Pop Stars’ are already fully leased,” says the magazine. In response, the German Fiat importer and its affiliated retailer have now launched a lease-to-action to have the small also for a monthly rate of 89 Euro car.

Fiat offers better facilities

“the dealership customers, get a better-equipped Version of the 500, as Lidl has them on offer. The discounters advertised ‘Pop Star’ has taken the FCA Germany the same time as the Start of one’s own action from the program. The financing action is for the ‘Lounge’variant has, among other things, alloy wheels, cruise control, and better seats than the ‘Pop-Star’-Version”, “Kfz-Betrieb”. The action vehicles are also freely configurable.

actions like the one from Lidl for the traditional auto trade according to sales experts, a high level of risk. “It’s just a loss of customer data, and proximity is not threatening. Profits are also characterized by a low price – and volume-control in danger,” said Antoine Weill of Simon-Kucher & Partners, in a guest post for FOCUS Online .



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