Because of the financial management with the implementation of the in December of last year in force a tax does not comply with changes currently, citizens in North Rhine-Westphalia faulty decisions. The conversion of the family relief act of the necessary tax Changes will probably be the end of February has been completed, informed the oberfinanzdirektion NRW in Münster.

In the meantime adopted by income tax cash advance modest the latest changes to the law of the family relief act could not be taken into account, however, currently still.

Tax child allowance increases

numerous changes to the law are Affected, according to a report by the information service “Markt Intern”. For example, the tax children has been increased amount of 7428 to 7620 euros. Affected taxpayers could get the money no later than with the annual tax return, it said. For a previous correction, in a written communication to the competent tax authority is necessary.

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